Why You Don’t Need A Financial Adviser

In this episode, Catherine is joined by Qualified Financial Adviser, Peter Matthew. As well as holding the post of Managing Director for Jacksons Wealth Management, Peter is also passionate about reducing the advice and knowledge gap around money with his popular podcast “Meaningful Money”. Approaching 5 million downloads, the podcast is Peter’s way of sharing his message to empower others and make what he feels to be a small difference in the world.

During this episode Catherine and Peter explore how necessary it is to seek financial advice and the reasons why you don’t always need to appoint a Financial Adviser to help you make good financial plans. Money is a tool that gets us from A to B and often we are able to make our own empowered choices just by getting the basics in place around money management.

Find out more about why money is a lousy master, but a great servant.

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Why You Don’t Need A Financial Adviser

In this episode:

  • How necessary it is to seek financial advice and when it becomes an investment worth paying for
  • The difference between financial advice and financial guidance
  • What situations dictate that you move from a do-it-yourself option to seeking professional financial advice
  • Simple steps that will enable people to do the basics themselves
  • Why being intentional with time and money can be so powerful


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