The 8 Week VIP Money Confidence Accountability Academy

Expert Financial Support & Education For Women

Be your own expert – Be in Control – Create Financial Power

8 Week VIP Academy – launching on 6th September 2018

2 Months to Transform your Mind and Your knowledge about MONEY!

The VIP Academy combines some of the most powerful mindset and practical strategies to help you be confident and positive with money.

Money has a huge impact on your health, your happiness and your wellbeing – Improve your relationship with money and increase your financial wellbeing.













































We totally understand how this feels. Managing your personal and family finances is hard.

Financial education at school was pretty non existent right?! So it is no wonder that we just want to bury our heads in the sand. Find something else to do. But we cannot get to Financial freedom without going through what we refer to as the 5 steps of Financial Power.

By the end of this Academy, you will feel…

I understand what this feels like – because I have been in your shoes. I so desperately wanted to manage money, but was only doing a half arsed job of it!

Money is such a taboo subject. It’s time for this to change.

This 8 Week VIP Academy will change the way you look at money forever. It will help you manage your money better than you ever have before.


It is all in the Education and self development. Are you confident that you know how to clean your teeth every day? Yes. Why? Because someone showed you once. You then repeated it every single day until it became a habit. Who taught you about MONEY?

Join this Academy and be shown the 5 steps to Financial Power.

This will bring you confidence which will enable you to start DOING.

Meet Your Financial Coach…

I have been helping women with money for 17 years.

I am a professional qualified financial adviser who is on a mission to teach you how to be your own expert with money.

I am a Mum of two, so I totally get how time precious your life is. But I also totally get how you want your children and your family to have everything. The lessons start with your own self development.






















The 8 Week VIP Money Confidence Academy – The detail

The 8 Week will be packed full of short (30-45 mins) easy to watch videos (I know how busy your life is!) followed by a ton of resources, downloads, and activities. Each week, you will receive the VIP treatment with a VIP group video call with Catherine.

Week 1 – Money Habits 

Your Academy Resources: You will be sent a Money Habitudes Quiz to complete online and a personalised report when you’re finished – A fun & easy way to understand your money personality.

  • Identify the 6 most common habits with money – Identify what is your relationship with money.
  • You will be sent a link to an online Quiz followed by a personalised outcome report and a summary sheet (seen below)
  • This will help you think about how your relationship with money affects your decisions.
  • It will highlight your strengths, your challenges and how you can start to make changes
  • Identify ways and techniques to help you improve your money habits for LIFE
  • Understand where your belief systems come from and how you can reframe them to save more money







Week 2- Setting Financial Priorities and Goals

Your Academy Resources:

  1. A ‘Financial Priorities Leading to Action’ Exercise
  2. A Money Manifesto template 
  3. ‘Money Affirmation Cards’ Downloads in your choice of two colours
  • Why financial priorities are more important than goals
  • How creating a ‘Money Manifesto’ will improve your relationship with money
  • Write your own Money Manifesto and 10 Money affirmations to reframe those negative thoughts and shift those mindset blocks!

Week 3 – Budgeting & Creating a Kickass Spending Plan

Your Academy Resources: Saving money tips checklist, A ‘Financially Naked’ Exercise (PDF), A 12 month ‘Financial Calendar’ (PDF) to plan your year ahead and a ‘Spending planner’ (PDF)

  • Getting Financially naked without a spread-sheet in sight
  • How to gain insight into your spending habits and how this will open up more money into your bank account right away!
  • Creating your own budget/spending plan!
  • Identify practical solutions to improve your flow of money
  • Cover different types of Bank accounts (the practical bit!)
  • Discuss day to day money management accounts and money apps to help you
  • Discuss compensation schemes – how safe is your money? – Because I know you worry about this kind of stuff!

Week 4 – Debts, credit cards and loans

Your Academy Resources: A ‘Debt Elimination’ Planner and a download of your Credit report

  • How to pay off debt fast – Pros and cons of different strategies
  • The concept of snowballing as a debt repayment strategy
  • Creditcards and loans – Understanding the different types
  • How to get financially fit
  • My top 15 Top Tips on how to improve your creditscore for life

Week 5 – Savings

Your Academy Resources: 25 Ways to save money (PDF), Weekly Food Planner (Printable)

  • Different ways to build up savings – The Fridge, Freezer, Larder approach
  • Pros and cons of different savings accounts such as ISA’s
  • Understanding taxation and inflation – It really is important!
  • Discuss top paying accounts on the market right now
  • Top money apps to help you automate your savings

Week 6 – Investing – Behavioural Finance

Your Academy Resources: The Marshmallow Test Video and a personal experiment for you to try for the week! 

  • How your experiences affect your attitude to risk
  • Do you favour instant gratification versus long term planning – The Marshmallow test
  • Why ignoring the stockmarket ups and downs is the best thing you can do when investing

Week 7 – Investing – Practical Investing For Women 

Your Academy Resources: Free Ebook – The Money Panel’s Simple Guide to Investing 

  • How and where to begin investing
  • Why women are great at investing
  • What on earth is the Stock-market
  • Busting the jargon – Help you to understand different types of investments
  • Understanding risk – with the ‘High heel’ female friendly method
  • My Top tips for beginners


Week 8 – Pensions and Retirement planning – For Women  

Your Academy Resources: Free Ebook – The Money Panel’s Simple Guide to Pensions

  • Understanding different options offered by your employer
  • How much do you need to be saving?
  • Do you have previous pension schemes? To consolidate or not to consolidate? – What to consider
  • Assisting you in understanding your existing pension plans
  • Helping you understand the state pension system and how you can work out your entitlement.



  • Private VIP Facebook Group – Instant access upon joining the Academy

In this group, we will be discussing everything there is to learn and know about money! You can jump into this group from Day one and start engaging with Catherine on a one to one basis and start forming some relationships with other women who will become your accountability partners over the 8 weeks and beyond. Think of it as a non judgemental place to talk money! In fact anything taboo – its our favourite topic!


1. Childrens savings and Junior pensions with Catherine Morgan

  • FREE Savings Goal Tracker for your children
  • FREE Video about how to save for kid and pass on positive messages to your children
  • How to make your children mini-millionaires!

2. Mortgages with Catherine Morgan 

  • FREE Video on how to choose the right type of mortgage for you

3. How to deal with financial shocks with Catherine Morgan 

  • FREE Video on How you can protect your family from financial shocks

4. Is Money Impacting Your Style? with Carol Hanson 

FREE Video and EBook on:

  • Why do we buy clothes
  • Our wardrobe influencers
  • How do you spend?
  • When a hobby becomes an addiction
  • Healthy Wardrobe Habits
  • Capsule wardrobes – To do or not to do

5. Tapping into your Inner Coach – 3 Videos on Mindset, Goal Setting and Accountability with Bianca Chappell 

3 FREE Videos on

  • How to tap into your own confidence

6. Emotional Eating and Emotional Spending with Sarah Ryan 

FREE Video and E-Book on:

  • How over-eating, over-spending and other habits can be hiding the real emotions underneath.

Questions about the Academy

How is the Academy Delivered?

This VIP coaching is delivered via Zoom, which is a free video app you can download on your phone, Mac or PC.

Each Group VIP Zoom video session will take place on Sunday evening at 8pm – starting on xxxxx September 2018.

What will I receive upon joining?

A link to complete a Money Habits Quiz ready for Week one of the VIP Academy

A Password for access to a dedicated page where all our content will be released to you over the 8 weeks.

Immediate access to the Private Facebook Group to start engaging with the private group  – these women will become your close circle of wealth friends over the 8 weeks! You will all act as accountability partners for each other as this will make the biggest difference between intention and action!

Access to the 6 Bonus Videos from our experts

What happens if I miss a session?

If you can’t make the session or miss it, don’t worry as each session is recorded.

After each session, you will receive a personalised action plan along with the recording, further exercises and links.  

Is this Academy financial advice?

No. Although I am a financial adviser, this Academy is to help those who want to become masters of their own money so that they do not need to seek financial advice. Nothing in this Academy is advice. It is practical and mindful life changing information that will help you improve your confidence with money.

Join the VIP Academy

*Only 20 Spaces available*



The VIP Money Confidence Academy is £799.

We are running the first 10 Women into the VIP Academy at a Special ONCE only price of £398 in exchange for a testimonial and some feedback.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes – The Academy can be paid in one of two instalments. (Except if you are one of the first 10 to join and then it is a one off payment)

If paying in two instalments – One is to be paid before the Academy starts and the second one 4 weeks later.

We will send you a payment plan via Paypal.

Will you be running the 8 Week VIP Academy again?

Sometimes it isn’t always the right time to start this transformational Academy. I can promise lots of positive changes and you have to be prepared for this in your life.

The next Academy will run in January 2019. Click here to join the waiting list.


One to One Personal Coaching

At anytime during the Academy, you can book a one to one with Catherine if you want to take your journey to the next level – This is charged at £100 per session.