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Discover The 59 Questions That Will Transform Your Relationships With Your Clients!

Discover how to help your clients make powerful shifts in their relationship with money.

Engage your clients into some deep conversations and open up a pathway to deep exploration around their values, their money stories and their beliefs.

Gain access to the most powerful questions you can use to transform their relationship with money

Create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your clients

59 Questions

FREE Financial Coaching Masterclass


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Discover How To Unlock The Tools Needed To Make A Real Difference As A Financial Professional With The Financial Coaching Masterclass!

What financial coaching is and how you can empower your clients to develop their emotional relationship with money without advising them on products.

​How your clients really make financial decisions and how you can create powerful advice that sticks.

​How to spot a client’s self-limiting beliefs about money using our unique Money Narratives Clearing ™ process.

How to increase your value proposition, the impact for your clients, and your business income.

“I thought I knew all about money as a financial planner but truly understanding a person's money beliefs and values adds something very special to a relationship with a client and that is when truly amazing changes become possible.”

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– Michelle Lambell, Financial Planner & Certified Financial Coach –