Get in control, feel confident and make a plan

Are you ready to get a handle on your money, be super clear about what you’re spending, why you’re in the financial position you are and learn how to get yourself to where you want to be?


Work with me in the VIP Money Makeover Movement for 10 weeks one to one and I’ll change the way you look at money forever.

Over the course of our VIP programme we’ll cover the following :

Budgeting and goal planning  

  • How to budget (with and without a spread-sheet!)
    How to gain insight into your spending habits
    he 10 Steps to creating a budget and sticking to it
    Learn techniques on how to change your behaviour with money (key to creating good habits)
    How Money apps can help you
    Pros and cons of different strategies to pay off debt
    An action plan to help you on your way to creating a rockin’ budget plan 

Focus on Budgeting: FREE money apps to help budgeting seem less daunting

Money Habitudes Quiz – Improve your relationship with money

  • Online Quiz followed by a 1 hour coaching session to discuss your report
    You will be sent a Money Habitudes Quiz to complete online
    Fun and easy way to understand your money personality
    Help you think about new ways to think about money
    Identify the 6 most common patterns and habits with money
    You will then be sent a personalised outcome report to help you understand the relationship you have
    Identify the positive things about your money habits
    Understand the challenges your own habits give you
    Identify ways to improve your money habits 

Money Mindset – Discover your money blocks 

  • Discover what money blocks you have and how these affect your relationship with money
    Improving your emotional relationship with money and barriers to financial success
    Improve your personal relationship with money, maximise your earnings potential and increase your confidence with money
    Understand where your belief systems come from and how you can reframe these
    Begin to change your behaviours
    Personalise Money Mindset action plan 

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Pensions and Retirement planning

  • Provide you with confidence about financial products
    How to plan for a secure financial future
    Understanding different options offered by your employer
    Goal setting exercise for future planning
    How much do you need to be saving?
    What are pensions? An educational session about different types of pensions
    Assisting you in understanding your existing pension plans
    Identifying other ways to invest for your financial future
    Helping you understand the state pension system and how you can work out your entitlement 

Investing, saving and loans

  • Different ways to build up savings – short, medium and long term – The Fridge, Freezer, Larder approach
    Helping you understand the Stockmarket
    Helping you understand different types of investments
    Understanding mortgages, loans, credit cards and debts
    Understanding tax 

This coaching can be delivered either in person or over zoom.  All zoom sessions will be recorded. After each session, you will receive a personalised action plan along with any links to websites/podcasts/exercises.

The investment for these 10 weeks of coaching is just £797 if paid in full.  Payment plans are available.

To apply to be selected for this coaching, email me and let’s talk.