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I have handpicked all the businesses and services below based on my own experience of using them. I have done so in the full knowledge that they are the best in the industry.

With some of these companies, I have negotiated a little discount or offer for you. Some of the companies pay us a kick back or affiliate referral. These come at no additional cost to you.

simon rhodes

Simon Rhodes

Simon Rhodes - our mortgage specialist! With 23 years of providing mortgage advice to clients, Simon has an in depth knowledge of lenders’ process and criteria which allows him to offer expert advice in all types of Residential and Buy to let mortgages. Simon is also a whizz for complex mortgage situations (multiple properties and debt consolidating for example) to help you explore all possible avenues.

Rohan sivajoti

Rohan Sivajoti Headshot
Rohan Sivajoti - our pension, investment and financial planning specialist! He's founded the awesome Postcard Planning and NextGen Planners too. A bright button, with a very fun side to him, he's been helping some of our members now for a little while in making the complicated understandable.

Victoria Nabarro


Hi, I’m Victoria, and I can’t wait to work with you!

First and foremost, I am a woman in business so I understand the opportunities and the challenges that we are all facing.

I am a Chartered Financial Planner, combining my extensive qualifications and experience in the world of Finance, with my passion for philosophy, psychology and what makes ‘a good life’. I work with empowered women who are raising the bar and who are committed to doing the best that they can, for both themselves and their businesses.

I will help you bring the incredible transformational work that you're doing, to the practical level. We will look closely at where you are today, and where you would like to get to, both personally and professionally. Together we will build an action plan that you can start implementing immediately, to keep you on track and motivated towards achieving your goals.


The Money Panel – TL (With phone)

Protect your loved ones with life insurance

It’s a tough one to think about, but would your partner, children or family be able to cope financially if you died? Life insurance pays a lump sum to help support the people you leave behind. It could be used to pay off the mortgage, keep up with living expenses, or contribute towards raising your children. 

Anorak makes life insurance easy to buy, at last. We work out the numbers for you, so you’re clear about your life insurance needs – then help you choose your cover and get personalised quotes from all the major insurers. All so you can protect what matters in no time.

The Money Panel – IP (With phone)

Income protection covers you if you're too ill to work

Ever considered how you’d cope financially if you had a long-term illness or injury? Income protection pays you a monthly amount if you’re medically unable to work, offering protection beyond your sick pay or savings. It helps you (and whoever else depends on your income) keep up with the cost of life while you can’t work.

Anorak is the easy way to buy income protection. It works out how much income protection you need and finds the best-matched policies from the major insurers for you – providing a hassle-free way to buy income protection in case of illness, accident or injury.

emma app


Starling Bank

Copy of PersonalAccount-StarlingBank-B

Starling Bank for Personal and Business

I am a huge fan of Starling Bank, and their account set up allows you to create many different pots for different financial goals (which you know I talk about a lot!)



Make keeping up to date with finances a breeze!

Start with one email a day. Today's top financial news in 3 minutes. For free.

Go henry




Teach your kids money skills and stay in control.

Add money to your child’s card and set weekly and one-off spending limits

Decide where it can be used: in stores, online or at ATMs

Receive real-time notifications about how much your child has spent, and where

Instantly block and unblock your child’s card at any time

Set saving goals for your child to work towards

Special Offer for The Money Circle Members

Get your first two months free


Get a FREE personalised card





How exactly does Plum work?

Put simply, you provide Plum with access to your bank account and set up a direct debit (which is covered by the Direct Debit guarantee). Facebook do not receive any of the data; Plum only passes it to its data partner Yodlee.

Plum analyses your spending and makes recommendations to you based on your spending habits and regular transactions. It analyses your financial activity to help you set goals. If you allow it to, will automatically put money it deems as ‘spare’ into a savings account for you.

You can speed up and slow down the rate of savings depending on your savings ‘mood’. Beast (heavy saving), Ambitious (moderate to high saving), Eager (moderate saving), Normal (moderate saving), Chilled (low saving), and Shy (very low saving).

When I set my savings mood up I started off as a ‘beast’ (not sure why they call it beast!) but soon changed to ‘chilled’ over Christmas! I then ramped it back up to beast again.

Their algorithm uses a number of safeguards specifically designed to prevent you from going to overdraft, and you can also pause the automatic saving function at any time, and for any duration of time.

Read more about it here in my blog 

Click on the link below to check out Plum

Rooster Money


RoosterMoney is designed to help you teach your kids the value of money.

Manage allowances, track chores and save for goals with one simple app.

All their foundation features are free to use but using this link you get access to their PLUS features for FREE for 3 months. *

Click on the link below to grab this offer

*We get a little small affiliate fee for this which we pass on to our supporting charity of the year.

Top cashback


Earn cashback and save money when you shop at over 5000 retailers both online and in-store.

I have used this site for:

  • My insurances (car, home)
  • Sky, Broadband
  • Mobile Phone contracts/deals
  • Train Fares
  • Shopping (from my treat pot of course!)



How Wealthify works:

  • Invest as much or little as you like
  • You choose your risk, from cautious to adventurous
  • We do all the investing for you
  • You can check performance 24/7
  • Top up at any time, or withdraw penalty-free, if you need to
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to set up a Plan

We have been given a special offer for you.

You won’t pay a fee to Wealthify for their services for the first 12 months. Other small investing costs, such as fund charges and transaction costs will still apply.

*Please remember that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. If you are unsure of the suitability of your investment, please seek advice. Tax rules can change and tax treatment depends on individual circumstances.



Save for your kids for free by shopping with Kidstart.

Every time you shop with one of their 1500 partners they'll top up your child's saving account for free.

Retailers include:

  • Tesco
  • John Lewis
  • Ebay
  • Boots
  • Amazon

And thousands more!



emma drew

Emma Drew

Emma Drew's excellent course to turn your blog into a money making business.

Use the code MONEYPANEL for a huge £50 off!