Is this the best bank account ever

Is this the best bank account ever?

In December 2017, I was feeling rather fed up with my bank. Both personal and business. Suddenly the simple things like sending payments to my friends was over complicated. I had to put in 2 different passwords and couldn’t send a payment using my phone. Having worked in the banking industry for over 15 years, Read more about Is this the best bank account ever?[…]

Women and Money – #Pressforprogress

I was delighted to be asked to deliver a speech in aid of International Women’s Day two weeks ago alongside the wonderful Nikki Ramskill at The Female Money Doctor. We were tasked with discussing women and money with the them of this year #pressforprogress. We instantly came up with the “4Cs” – 4 areas that Read more about Women and Money – #Pressforprogress[…]

better financial decisions

How to Make Better Financial decisions

One Question that I am asked a lot, is “How do I make better financial decisions?” Firstly, there is no quick fix! Financial decisions are complex. Often we assess the success of a financial decision years later. A staggering 80% of our decisions come from emotional and instinctive thoughts. We are good at making decisions Read more about How to Make Better Financial decisions[…]