Are You Ready to Step Into Wealth?

Today’s episode is short but very powerful. Catherine is spending some time reflecting on her forthcoming book “It’s Not About The Money” due for release on 9th December. Catherine is exploring ways that we can step into being a wealthy woman.

A quote by Margaret Bonnano says that “being rich is having money and being wealthy is having time”. This powerful quote really highlights the important of language. We often trade time for money but we don’t often look to generate more time for ourselves.

Catherine shares a very powerful 10 minute exercise to help us really step into our wealth. Find yourself a quiet space and immerse yourself in your own wealthy future.

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Are You Ready to Step Into Wealth?

In this episode:

  • A practical exercise that you can do again and again to help women really step into wealth
  • 4 important questions to journal around following the practical exercise
  • Something that we find is that the person that we often must forgive is our own inner voice
  • Exploring a message that you would give to your future self to help support this step into wealth


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