Self Worth: It’s Not About The Money

In this special episode, Catherine continues to share another extract from her new book “It’s Not About The Money”.

Catherine is passionate about helping you to be self-empowered, to no longer bury your head in the sand and continue on a path of self-sabotage. Being a wealthy woman is not about how much money you have in your account.

Today Catherine reads excerpts from chapter 3 and 4 of her new book talking about the first steps to changing your money narratives.

Forgiveness and Self Worth

In this episode:

  • Why stepping into your money narrative will bring awareness to then be able to move forward with wealth creation
  • Taking the hard step of looking at who or what you need to forgive
  • Why sometimes we need to be given permission to make the necessary changes
  • How taking time to look at your money story will help you to identify the emotions, behaviours and habits that underpin your money story
  • Why we must look back to look forward


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