The Self Deserving Loop: Step Into Wealth®

Today, Catherine is sharing some curiosity around the self deserving loop.

The self deserving loop is a concept that Catherine developed during a recent VIP day. It is a perpetual cycle of deserving and undeserving that prevents us from really stepping into wealth and leaves us flip flopping between the idea that we deserve to receive money but are not worthy of receiving.

Money is a tool that helps us to create financial freedom but often, as women, we are left with the feeling that it is wrong to want or receive money. Wrapped around this cycle is all of the emotion that we attach to money making it incredibly hard to break the loop of feeling deserving and self sabotage.

Catherine is sharing some top tips that you can use as you start to think about what next year will look like in your life and business, and that will help you with your beliefs around deserving so that you can step into wealth in 2022.

The Self Deserving Loop: Step Into Wealth®

In this episode:

  • Think about why you feel the way you do and bring awareness to your core beliefs around money
  • Why you should know the purpose for the money that you are wanting to receive and how to realise those desires
  • How strong boundaries can help prevent you from falling into the self deserving loop
  • Are there any beliefs, relationships or even projects that you need to let go of to prevent the self sabotage
  • Why your intuition is a powerful alarm system that will keep you safe without dropping you into the self deserving loop


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