How Knowing Your Personal Numerology Numbers Can Help Your Business

I wanted to share with you how your personal numerology can affect your relationship with money.

Your Life Path number is THE main number we work with in Numerology, it equates 75% of what is going on in your life and business and can be worked out using your full date of birth. Some Life Path numbers are more business orientated, some more entrepreneurial and some are more focused on success and wealth. Other numbers may be more focused on creative or humanitarian energies. These numbers can be just as successful as the number next to them, but they need to approach how they do this a different way – a case of ‘Impact over Income’, ‘Service over Success’.

The purpose of this article is to highlight that by not knowing your numbers you could be missing out on making the most of yourself in your life and business and potentially leaving money on the table.

So I want to ask you 5 questions.

1. Are you following your business purpose?

The Life Path number can also be called ‘The Destiny Number’ – which is exactly that your destiny – the path you are here to walk in your life and business. We work with other numbers – there are numbers that help us navigate this path. There are numbers that your life ultimately wants you to be. There are numbers that are easy to be, but you don’t need to spend time doing (however much you may fancy it).

This understanding and knowledge, when translated into your business purpose and potentiality, is potent. All of the gold, magic and juice are found in these numbers and you can move forward from this place. I am working with the energies of The Leader, The Builder, The CEO, The Humanitarian and The Architect of Change. This is my business treasure map which enables me to focus on my business cash flow, income and profit from understanding these energies and how they play out.

2. Are you working against the tide in your business?

There are better times and easier times to do things. As business owners we can get stressed out if we do not do better than last month and last year. What are the results YOY? YTD? MTD?

Nature works in cycles and we do too. There are times to grow and times to consolidate. The concept of ebb and flow needs to be factored into our lives and business, but if we are always full steam ahead it cannot be taken into consideration. Understanding the cosmic currents help you understand what the soil is currently fertile for in your life and business. When you understand the personal year, you are in you can actively seek and take the opportunities that are offered to you. The unique experiences, challenges and opportunities of each cycle all add important knowledge and coping skills to your business toolbox, enabling you to work with, instead of against, your personal year from a financial viewpoint.

3. A Niche not a Nation

I often say, ‘Get Big, Get Niche or Get Out’. There is so much noise online, and we are subjected to 165% more information than our Grandparents generation ever were. Considering this, the power of the niche is a real thing.

Since understanding the energies of my numbers, I have managed to carve a niche for myself and I am comfortable to stand in this niche. My numbers are very dynamic and entrepreneurial, they are about originality and uniqueness. So, bringing a discipline such as Numerology into business works for me. Understanding my numbers has literally given me permission to stand in this niche AND it is working for me and my bottom line. In line with your numeric energies there will be a niche for you too.

Catherine is working with a master number – she is literally here to change the world one person at a time, leave a legacy and create an empire and with her mission to impact 1 million women we can see that she is working with her energies 😊

4. Stay in your lane

In the past I have put others on a pedestal and looked to them for the answers, I have stopped doing this as I now know that my numbers hold the answers. Do you suffer from ‘comparisonitis’ comparing someone else’s chapter 43 with your chapter 3? Firstly, we never ever know what someone is actually going through and if their life and business is working as well as it looks through the filtered lens of social media, then they are probably working in the positive of their numbers.

The only person you should be putting on a pedestal is yourself and from that view point you will have the ability to understand your numbers and trust yourself, the process of life and the journey you are on. Building your business revenue from a place of authenticity.

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5. Do you really understand who you are?

From trying to serve all the people all of the time and looking at what other people were doing and comparing myself to them I had completely lost myself. When I left University in the early 1990’s I was full of optimism and energy and excitement for my future, nothing could stop me. 20 years later I felt quite jaded from life. I was running a business as I knew I had to be self-employed (life Path 1) but I wasn’t using all my skills and talents. Fast forward a few years I feel confident in who I am, who I am here to serve and have the energy and focus to put my head down and make it happen. As understanding my numbers increases my numbers!

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