Money Tips for Parents & Children

This week we are exploring money tips for parents with Laura Weston of Savvy Peacocks. With a background of 20 years in the banking and finance industry, Laura’s mission is to now breakdown the taboo subject of money, helping parents to display the right money habits to help children’s financial education.

With only 67% of financial literacy in the UK and no financial education in the curriculum, it is down to us as parents, carers, or people of influence to create those conversations.

Money Tips for Parents & Children

In this episode:

  • Tips for how to increase a child’s financial literacy
  • Involving children in money decisions within the home
  • The need for children to understand how money moves as we transition to a cashless society
  • Creating a visual engagement for children
  • How your own plans for yourself and the future can be used to help children important life skills
  • Why children should know the link between the cost and value of both time and money


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