How to find your life path number with Numerology

On this series we’re talking about how to create certainty in times of uncertainty, and this month we had a wonderful guest expert come into the Money Circle membership, Jo Soley. Jo is the owner and founder of Bizology. In fact, she has developed and transformed an incredible niche business in the UK using the power of business coaching and numerology to help her clients to build their businesses.

What Jo does is so incredibly unique and I’ve felt a little bit selfish keeping her to myself in the Money Circle membership and sharing how numerology can really help you to transform your life, so I invited Jo to share with you how you can go about finding your life path number through the power of numerology. We’re going to be talking about what is numerology, how do you go about finding out your life path number and also the purpose of the number 22.

Currently we’re in the year 2020 and the year 2020 has the number 22 inside the year. And what that means in numerology the number 22 is about judgement. And when that’s flipped on its head and turned around, it actually creates uncertainty. Jo shares with us some incredible insights into some of the significant change that we’ve already experienced this year.

What Jo shares is a lot of certainty about how numerology actually demonstrates that 2020 was always going to be a year of significant change, so we talk about the year 2020 and I actually think it’s very reassuring to look ahead for the rest of this year. Knowing that this year was always going to be a year of change and was always going to be a year of uncertainty, and if we think ahead, that it’s going to be a year of continued uncertainty, but knowing next year, 2021, is all about adventure and change and new beginnings feels really reassuring.

Welcome Jo. For those people who have never come across your work could you just share with us a little bit about yourself and your business?

Yeah, definitely. My business is Bizology and I merge the powers of numerology and business coaching to help you elevate your business success, but really understand who you are. Because we spend a lot of time trying to work other people out, worrying about what people think of us, fit into our relationships, adapt ourselves. We don’t really take the time to work out who we are and what makes us tick and our divine blueprint. So numerology helps us do that. My caveat is I’m not a numerologist, I’m a business coach, but I use the power of numerology to help you really connect to who you are to drive yourself forward.

Jo how did you get into understanding or exploring numerology?

So I’ve always been fascinated by numerology. In the old days you’d read a magazine like Blue Jeans or Jackie, and if there was an article I’d like make a beeline for it. And then later on, if there was a blog or I had loads of books – I don’t really like to leave my house in the winter, in the evenings, you know what it’s like.

One of my friends in Letchworth ran an event and she said it was going to be about Numerology. So I went and it was on International Women’s Day, actually, the 8th of March, three years ago. And the guest speaker, Richard Abbott with the Hermitage developments, he was speaking about numerology and everything he said that night I was shaking my head in disbelief because it was just so bang on, everything was amazingly accurate to me and my life. But he was relating numerology to decades, to millenniums, to years, relating numbers to tarot cards and to letters, and I left that event a different person.

So then I was like stalking him online, reading all his books and going to his events. And he was very different – we’re in this community, this female entrepreneurial community, where there’s a lot of coaches and he was saying kind of the opposite to everybody. So I’m a bit different, I liked that he was a bit different. He was a man, not a woman, he called his mentor programme a student-ship, you know, it was all very different. It was all about meditation, the inner world.

So I kept looking and looking at it, it wouldn’t leave me. And interestingly, when I was in the shower or washing up or by water or by the sea, a message would come in because water is a divine conduit, so I’d get this message. But we work in nine year cycles. There’s better years and easier years to do things. I was in a nine year and you don’t want to start anything new then because it feels old.

So even that piece of information, how enlightening that is; because if somebody is about to spend a lot of money on a coach or a website or opening new shop, if they do it in a nine year then when they get to their one year, it feels so old. And I’ve had clients go, ‘Oh no, it’ll be fine’. But it’s not. They get to their one year and energetically it feels old because of this nine year cycle. When we start again, it’s literally not a new book, it’s a new bookshelf. It’s a complete new phase of your life. So then when I got into this one year, I did his courses and I started to pivot my niche. I drip fed it in, told all my clients what I was doing, and then when I was just about coming into my 11th year, which is a spiritual year in meditation, I was given the word Bizology. I thought surely it’s gone, so I Googled it and it hadn’t gone. So that was it. I went for it.

So what were you doing before you began using numerology?

Going right back, I’ve got degree in retail management. I was a fashion buyer for Richard’s shops and bought Christmas decorations for Woolworth’s head office. I lived overseas for 15 years in the middle East, in the far East, in Greece, in Turkey, working for large tour operators, buying and selling flights.

So I was always in retail. And then I got into marketing as a business development manager in Devon. And then I started up on my own as a female business coach for heart centered entrepreneurs. Now it’s like there’s more and more coaches every five minutes. The reason why there’s more women going into business is because we’re now in the two thousands, which is divine feminine, which is sacred knowledge, which is female empowerment.

The Dalai Lama said the Western woman is going to change the world. So I was in that space, awoke with the energy of the number one which is very independent. I’m 47 never married, no kids. So self-employment works for me. And innovation works for me. Being authentic, being original works for me. But I wasn’t really working in that energy. I was working more in the energy of like a two or a nine – I was full of magic and magnetism but I was a best kept secret. I was supporting other people, but I’m not here to do that, so when I understood more about my numeric energies and what they meant for my life, I just transformed my relationship with myself, my family, my business, and my bank account.

We’re going to share how you go about working out your life path number. But before we do that, Jo, could you tell us a little bit about the impact that this had on your relationship with money? Share with us a little bit about what was your early relationship with money and how did you use numerology to improve your bank balance?

Well, when I was 16 or 17 I had a job in John Lewis, and I was always good with money. At university nobody ever had any money, but I think I did and I was always quite good with money. Going deeper we work with pinnacles and challenges within the pinnacles; when I was good with money, my pinnacle was eight, which is success and wealth. But then when I went out of that pinnacle that’s when I had challenges with money. So when I lived overseas I had this five star lifestyle on two star prices. Everything was included in my ski seasons, we had season air rates, and I was in charge of excursions so people would ask me to go and eat at their restaurant or go on their trips and then I could tell my guests about it.

So I just had this amazing life for about 15 years. And then when I came to England, everything’s so expensive in comparison back then – that was like late nineties, early noughties. I had a good job in Devon and I was on good money but worked so hard. I worked for a family business and I worked really, really hard. And I think because I was earning good money, because I was so stressed but didn’t have any time, if I had a little bit of time off, I would go to eat in a nice restaurant or have a massage. I wouldn’t open my bank statements. Guess what? You ignore money, money ignores you. I’d just get another credit card because I could. I thought, Oh, I don’t really want to buy a house here because I’ve been so nomadic, and I had a house in Turkey, so I was wasting all this money on rent. So I had built up this ostrich mentality, which was very different from how I had handled money. And then, you know, I disrespected money and then I overspent. I over gave, I didn’t have any boundaries.

Then everything came falling down in a personal year four, which is structure, routine, control and systems, and the universe shines a light on the weak areas. And the weak areas for me was money. So then I ended up leaving the job, temping, and setting up my own business on the side, but to a very small income. So I had to look at my money. It was brilliant it happened, but it was a nightmare at the time. I had a lot of debt, and there’s a little shame around that. I think it’s good that I didn’t have to go bankrupt. I know a lot of people who have, a lot of my friends have, but I had to sort out my finances and take my head out of the sand. I had to admit that I hadn’t been looking after money. I had to admit that I’d been overspending even though was earning. I think it happened for me, not to me. I got everything in a row, I became savvy, I became frugal. And now I’ve really healed my relationship with money in alignment with my numerical energy.

Thank you for sharing that Jo. There’s a lot of people, irrelevant of their wealth situation and irrelevant of their success, they’ve either been through periods or are going through periods now of still being in debt and being in debt cycles. The biggest thing for me that you shared there about how you change your behaviours and change your energy. You’ve changed what’s deeply rooted in the cause of money.

Because money in itself is just a thing, it’s a tool that we use. But how we feel about money is so important because if we feel shame and guilt and these negative emotions, then our brain is going to look for more evidence to support that belief. And then we just stay in that cycle, which is why people stay in debt cycles, for example. So if you can explore the emotion that sits behind the financial situation that you’re in, and I love how numerology can help you to do that.

It’s cause and effect, isn’t it? Most people sit in the space of effect and that’s a very disempowering position to sit in. We think that things happen to us so we blame other people or we think I’m in this situation because of something that’s happened or because of somebody else. And so most people operate, particularly when they’re in a debt situation, of being in that effect mode.

Now, if we can get ourselves into cause, that’s where we have personal power. That’s where we can start to admit we have been burying our head in the sand, but I am now in charge. And what we say is what we attract and is what comes true. So what exactly is numerology and how could it help us to create change?

Okay. So numerology is an ancient science, ancient philosophy, and ancient art, and it combines spiritual empowerment with maths. So there’s this combination and people think it’s weird because they don’t understand it. Everything I do all my life has been very grounded, very structured, working very hard. I am very innovative, and that is in alignment with my numeric energies.

So numbers are energy, they’re innate, they’re deep, cosmic, they’re fundamental. Nothing happens in life without numbers, they are intrinsic to our life. They’re magic. They are energy. Numerology is using those numbers to tell a story, so two and two is four, but numerology takes that four and says, okay, four is here to keep you grounded, structured, systemized, routined and controlled. Hence in my personal year four I had to look at my money story.

So four in life; we’ve got four fingers, four seasons, four elements, four directions, four chambers of your heart, four chambers of your brain, four pairs of your DNA, four legs on this chair, four suits in a pack of cards, four gospels in the Bible, etc. Four keeps you structured. So if you are a four life path (and there probably won’t be many people listening because four probably think numerology is rubbish) but if you are a four it’s all about working hard. I’m born in the force of the fourth, so I work hard. It’s the way I’m organized and structured, I’m a bit like a dog with a bone but it serves me.

Now, I don’t have a four in my name and when you’re missing something in your name it is a little bit of a blind spot. So I know I’ve got to eat properly, I know I can’t get away with the extra glass of wine, I know I can’t get away with not sleeping properly. I know when I go to the airport I’m checking my passport 60 times. I know that I can do my accounts and there’ll be a mistake, not because I’m rubbish but because I’ve not got four in my name. So even though I’m born in the force fourth, which is working hard, I haven’t got any four in my name. If I was in a personal year four, I know it’s about putting my head down, structured routine. Nothing happens fast. I know that I wouldn’t go on holiday on the 13th or the 4th or the 31st because four doesn’t allow for delays. Four doesn’t allow for traffic. And this is how we start to use numerology.

I’m just wondering what day I’ve just put my holiday. I think it’s 24th of August.

So you’re going on a family holiday and six is about love and family. If you lived in a four house, it would be all about structure, control, routine, system. If your name vibrated with four, which is your expression, people would see you as being very organised, even though you might not see that yourself and then you behave like that because people treat you like that. Or if your letter is D, M, or V in your first name, people would see that vibration of the cornerstone. So I’ve spoken a bit about four in lots of different ways so you can see how it plays out. Then what I do is I take your name, I take your date of birth and I show you what you’re working with. I show you your life path number. I show you your four roads, I show you your expression, your sole urge, your personal year, your personal month, etc. And then we use that information to align you in business.

So eight is about success. Eight is about money, property, quality. So everybody’s trying to chase the eight but you might not have any eights in your life path, you might not be in an eight year or an eight month. So then it’s not about eight. It’s about impact over income. It’s about service over success. My ultimate goal is eight. I’m here to be successful and wealthy. I’m here to have a business which brings me money. But a lot of people haven’t got eight anywhere, so they suffer with poverty consciousness. They’re going after the wrong energies. So it doesn’t mean they can’t be wealthy or successful, but they’ve got to approach it in a different way.

So how would one identify their life path number?

So if we take 9/12/1981 which is Catherine’s date of birth. So we use whole numbers; add up the 9, the 12, the 1981 as a whole number, and then we get to 2002. Now there’s a bit of a caveat here because you would think two and two is four, but 22 is a master number and zero is source, divine God, and so we just call that 22. That’s a bit of a challenging one. I’ll give you mine as well so you’ve got another one to go on. 4+4+1973 is 1981, then 1+9+8+1 is 19, 1+9 is 10, 1+0 is 1. So basically you take the date and the month and the year and add them together so you get a four digit number, and then you add those four digits up. But if it’s 19 then that’s 10 then that’s 1. If it’s 15 that’s 6. If it’s 12 it’s 3. But if it’s 22 or 11 we stop there because they’re master numbers.

Okay amazing. We’re with you so far. And Jo, I know you’ve got a really great download exercise sheet that we can share for people to download so that they can find out what their number is if you’re struggling with this. So with 22 and 11, the two master numbers, what’s important about the master numbers?

No number is better than any other number one. Different numbers can do different things, and your life path number is the most important number in Numerology; you cannot change your date of birth but you can change your name. Change your name, change your life.

So 11 and 22 are master numbers and they have the ability to go beyond. They’re like other numbers on steroids, they’re extra source, extra spice, they’re kryptonite, so they can do more than another number because they’ve been around more. They’re old souls, they’ve been here before and they’ve seen more. So they intuitively know what’s going on. So they’ve been given these master numbers so they can create more. Look at you, Catherine. You’re like a little powerhouse. You create, you go for it, that’s 22 energy.

But there’s a lot of 22’s working in jobs that they find very frustrating and they know they’ve got the ability to go beyond, but they don’t. They don’t know what to do. We’re in the lucky 5% because we’re running our own business, we’re doing what we love, we bring in financial freedom. A lot of people are not there so if somebody is working with an 11 or a 22 it’s my job to explain to them – you have the ability to go for it. You’re here to change the world, one person at a time, you are a master builder in the 22’s. Other 22 people are Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Bob Geldof, Holly Willoughby, Donald Trump, they do what they want.

Now you can scupper yourself, so you have to be in alignment with your truth, in alignment with your mission, in alignment with the powerful energy you’ve been given. But an 11 is spiritual, the cosmic connectors, and that’s quite rare. There’s a lot of them being born now because of the 2000’s, and it’s very clever energy. So Rachel Riley, she works with numbers, and Steph McGovern. But 11, I’ve just come out of a personal 11 year, it’s emotional. It’s up and down and it’s turbulent, and it’s not about business growth. It’s not about business really. It’s about this amazing intuition, and insight. 11 is London. It’s Ibiza, it’s Waitrose. So it’s quite elite, it’s quite high end, it’s quite illuminating.

So how do you link that to your business name? How do you work out what your business name represents?

So Google: G is 7 and O is 6 and O is 6 and G is 7 and L is 3 and E is 5. You add that together, you get 34, 3+4=7. So 7 is the secret, it’s the thinker, it’s wisdom. And what is Google? A search of wisdom. The queen is 7. You can’t rush her, she needs time. Seven are the odd ones out. Nothing happens fast in a personal year seven. So that’s what you do. You work at the energies of numbers.

But just a caveat here, be careful doing it yourself because a lot of people try to do it themselves and then they get it wrong and then they think that it’s not right. So always reach out to me if you’re working out something deeper, like a personal year, or an expression, or your children, because I know everyone reading this may not have a business. So you might be working out your children, and your children, they work on the date they were born. So Catherine would have been a humanitarian when she was growing up. I would have been very structure, control, routine, system and until we leave home, have free will, move out, go to uni, whatever. So look at the date that they were born, the date of the month.

That’s interesting. My youngest is the 27th so he would be a nine and also a humanitarian. And it’s quite apt actually in his personality because he’s a real old soul. My eldest is the 28th, so he would be 10 which would be a 1. And that’s interesting because he is a leader, he wants to be in control. He’s the leader of everything. So it’s really interesting.

Have we got time Jo to very briefly go through the numbers and what they mean?

  • 1 is the leader
  • 2 is the sensitive
  • 3 is the communicator
  • 4 is the builder
  • 5 is the adventurer
  • 6 is the nurturer
  • 7 is the seeker
  • 8 is the CEO
  • 9 is the humanitarian
  • 11 is the spiritual teacher
  • 22 is the architect.

1 is all about innovation and leadership. You are really meant to be self employed. It’s about being independent. You’re different, you’re unusual. And it’s about new beginnings. Lady Gaga is very 1.

2 is all about sensitivity, flow, balance, using your intuition, seeing both sides of the story, partnership. You’re not here to be the leader. You’re here to be the power behind the throne. And two is Julie Andrews, who was very original.

3 is the communicator, and they’re quite lucky. They’re brilliant salespeople. They’ve got books in them. It’s creativity, communication. They’d say “Let me tell you…” and then they do!

4 is the builder. This is all about structure, hard work, routine. There aren’t any famous fours because they’re all working hard for other people.

5 is adventure which is all about freedom and expansion and travelling and adventure. During these times that we’re in at the moment, because we’re doing this interview during the pandemic, the 5’s are going mental. So get outside, take your shoes off, ground yourself and breathe. They cannot fake it till they make it. It’s all about like moving, moving, moving, and the journey. Cameron Diaz, Russell brand, Beyonce. It’s quite a sexy energy.

6 is the nurturer which is all about relationships, responsibility, community, audience, tribe, and family. And Zoe ball is a 6 and she’s really invested in her listeners. Karen Brady is a 6 and she bought a football club which is very 6. Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett are also 6, so they’re quite good at business.

7 is the seeker. So we have the Google analogy, but it’s learning and information and wisdom, and they are the odd ones out and they’re meant to be. Rylan Clark Neil is a 7. They’re a bit kooky, and they’re clever too. Stephen Hawkins, Einstein, the Queen. So you need your space.

8 is the boss. They nail it in business. It’s about money, success, wealth, property. It’s high ticket, it’s high end. In the 1980’s it was boom time, wasn’t it? And in Hong Kong they pay more to have 8 on they’re door or in their phone number.

9 is the humanitarian, it’s Mother Teresa, it’s Ghandi. They are souls that have been here before, they have made their life about other people. It’s not easy. A lot of nines go the other way because it’s such a hard card; giving, giving, giving and people take, take, take.

11 is the spiritual teacher and is quite rare. It’s a bright light, they’re clever, they can be emotional. They need a plan, they need a strategy.

22 is the architect of change. So it’s Oprah Winfrey. They can be up and down and they can go up and down in one day. They have to aim high. They’re the architects of change. It’s not an easy life for 22, but it’s not meant to be. They’ve got keep going and in business it’s about global expansion. It’s about vision and they think they’ve made it and then there’s that next big mountain to climb. They’re here to be worldwide phenomenons, but a lot of 22 work can fall because they can’t, seem to access that vision. That master builder energy.

You mentioned about 22 is about change. What relevance, therefore, is it the fact that we’re in 2020?

Okay, so when we were born into the 19 (which was 10, which was 1), 1 is masculine. It’s fire, it jumps over a mountain then looks behind. And it was masculine, wasn’t it?

Now we’re in the two which is emotional: water. Divine feminine, high priestess, there’s no certainty. There’s two sides to every story, there’s two sides to everything now. The 2 energy is all about fluidity and flow. And we can’t make a decision when we’re really emotional. Loads of women are starting their own businesses, there’s lots of choice with regards to sexuality, we’re more open with regards to mental health and emotion, the way we parent is very different from the one energy because it’s more feminine, it’s more emotional.

But the year we’re in now, not only are we in the two thousands we’re in the two decades and look at the last twenties; it was feminine. We are now in 2020, so that is also 22 the architect of change. But if there’s no structure then 22 all comes falling down. So we got too greedy, too entitled, too ungrateful, it’s tumbled down. The 22 in the tarot is judgement. Judgement is certainty. Judgement reversed which was what we’re experiencing now is uncertainty. And you look at this year, we had Trump was going to get impeached. The fires, the floods, Meghan and Harry leave the Royal family. We’ve had Coronavirus come upon us. So there’s no certainty in the two. There’s definitely no certainty in 2020 and people say when we get out of this, it might take a little bit longer than we think because we’re in this energy.

So the best way to manage 22 year is just to go to four. Get organised, get your money sorted, go through your pension, go through your ISA’s, plan your business, declutter your house. Have an exercise regime and eat properly. That is what will help you get through.

So really bedding down and creating strong foundations. I think that’s actually quite reassuring. 2021 is a five isn’t it? Five is about adventure, so maybe if we think of it that for the rest of this year it’s about change, but then next year there’s a little bit of adventure on the horizon. That for me is actually quite reassuring.

Yeah. Because you’ve got the one which is new beginnings in 2021, and five is adventure, freedom, growth, change, expansion. And the tarot we’re working with at the moment is judgement, but next year is the world which is kind of about new beginnings. In 2020 we’ve got two zeros and zero is divine source and it magnifies the two. So two in the negative is fear and drama and worry and panic. So I’m not saying we’re not in this global pandemic, of course we are, but if we were in a different year then it wouldn’t be so extreme.

1966 was a 22 year, and we won the world cup – we went beyond. We’re not normally the nation that wins at football like Brazil or France. So that’s what happened in that energy. But in 2020 the zero amplifies. At 10 Downing street, the zero amplifies the one. 1 is leadership, zero amps it up. Tom Moore raising that money is born on the 30th: 3 is communication. They like the limelight, they say look at me. But the zero amplifies that.

I just find this all incredible and I really hope that it’s giving you some really good takeaways. So think about what your life path number is and perhaps why this year may not be the year for you. Or conversely, maybe this year is the year for you to create change or order or adventure or whatever your life path number is.

We’ve just scratched the surface of this today and if anybody would like to get in touch with you to go into a deeper level of understanding around their life path number, what would be the best way for them to reach out?

So if you go to my website you can download my free guide, discover your life path number. I offer a 20 minute free call. where we look at your numbers, and show you how you can work with me.

I’ve just booked a block of one to ones with Jo, so perhaps later on in the year I can share what I’ve learned. It’s certainly given me some really good clarity actually around some of the areas that I’ve been procrastinating on in my life and my business this year. And particularly at a time that we’re experiencing right now around uncertainty.

It’s not meant to be easy. We make it more difficult. We’re here because we didn’t do something in a previous life. If we’d done it, we wouldn’t be here. So life is a school and we are here to learn.


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