The 4 Levels of Wealth Creation: It’s Not About The Money

In this special episode, Catherine is sharing another excerpt from her upcoming book “It’s Not About The Money”. Launching on Thursday 9th December, which also happens to be her 40th birthday, Catherine is giving a little taster of what is to come.

The Middle Eastern origin of the word Wealth means happiness and prosperity in abundance of possessions or riches. But it isn’t just about the money. It is about the feeling and emotions. In this episode, Catherine is reading from her chapter around the 4 levels of wealth creation. Have a think about where on this journey you are and what level of wealth creation you are at.

The 4 Levels of Wealth Creation

In this episode:

  • The 4 levels of wealth creation and how we can look at these through the lens of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Money is driven by the need for love or the need for status
  • Why prioritising all areas of wealth creation means you prioritise no areas with depth and therefore no areas will grow
  • We give money a lot of power that is often achievable if we stay focused on our sense of self and belonging


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