Levels of Enoughness: It’s Not About The Money

Today we are celebrating two very special things. Catherine turns 40 today and also launches her first long-awaited book, “It’s Not About The Money”.

This book really means a lot to Catherine. It is an amalgamation of the last few years of her best work and it feels surreal to finally get it out to the world. “It’s Not About The Money” further helps us fulfil our mission to equip and prepare 1 million women to be financially resilient.

The book is for anyone who struggles with money, from over savers to over spenders and all those in between. For our official launch today, head over to itsnotaboutthemoney.co.uk and you will have access to some extra bonuses.

This episode, Catherine is continuing to share excerpts from her book and today we are hearing a clip from chapter 2 around levels of enoughness.

Levels of Enoughness

In this episode:

  • We operate beliefs and behaviours from one of the three levels of enoughness and these underpin our money stories
  • Why you need to separate who you are from what you have
  • What are you really seeking when you desire more money?
  • We imprison ourselves with money shame for longer than criminals serve jail sentences
  • The definition of limiting belief


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