It’s Not About The Money

We have a bumper crop of episodes coming for you this week. It is a pretty special week as Catherine is celebrating not only her 40th birthday, but also the launch of her long-awaiting book, It’s Not About The Money.

This project was a real tidal wave of emotion as Catherine felt joy, celebration, and gratitude shortly followed by imposter syndrome and the inner critic.

Catherine takes a moment to thank some of the important people who have featured in this particular journey.

Thank you to our publisher, Authors & Co, specifically Abigail & Team, Lucy and Jo. A special thanks to Catherine’s dear friend Anna Parker-Naples who helped create the audio format of the book which is coming in new year. For 6 weeks, Catherine has spent time with Oliver at the Jersey Music School creating the audio version of the book and we send thanks for their time and expertise. A very humble thank you to Katy Hill who, despite not knowing Catherine for very long, agreed to write the foreword in the book.

Lastly, a big thank you to those who gave testimonials. You will hear throughout the week some of the transformation that people are already getting from reading the book.

The book launches on Thursday but there is still time to join the VIP waitlist over at

It’s Not About The Money

In this episode:

  • A special thanks from Catherine to some of the important people who have played a part in this journey
  • An excerpt from the introduction of the book, “It’s Not About The Money”
  • A powerful real-life story of how trauma can affect our relationship with money
  • Sowing the seeds of the 3 steps we will follow through the book


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