How to Live a High Performance Life Without the Stress & Pressure

In today’s episode, Catherine is joined by Lucienne Shakir. Lucienne is a client from Catherine’s early days of coaching and shares with us her journey from the last few years. Lucienne was a teacher for 12 years and after suffering a nervous breakdown that left her bedbound for a year, took the decision to stop feeling sad about going into work and believing that education was a noble way to earn money.

Lucienne and Catherine open a fascinating discussion about how you can live a high performance life without stress and pressure.

How to Live a High Performance Life Without the Stress & Pressure

In this episode:

  • Why changing your mindset can help you step into the role of entrepreneur
  • Aligning your identity against another person is very unhealthy
  • Finding yourself is a journey not a destination
  • Emotional awareness can increase the bottom line
  • Understanding our cycles can impact our performance
  • Signs of stress and burnout
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