How to Have Better Money Conversations

In this episode, Catherine is joined by Marriage and Family Psychotherapist, Dr Robin Norris.

Today’s very interesting conversation is centred around the challenges that we face when talking about money with our partners, spouses and families. Money is a very emotive topic and statistically we are attracted to someone who has the opposite relationship with money to us which can add further considerations.

Personal trauma can have a real impact on our relationship with money. This can often result in difficult money conversations or a lack of communication around the topic. But actually understanding our love language and also how we best learn can really make a huge difference in the outcome of those conversations.

Dr Norris shares some great tips and tricks for having successful conversations around our finances, giving insight to some of the science behind our actions.

How to Have Better Money Conversations

In this episode:

  • Trauma impacts how we communicate in relationships around money
  • Why processing and working through emotions will help both mentally and physiologically
  • The importance behind understanding our own needs as well as the needs of each other
  • Why you should set the scene for how and when you would like money conversations to take place
  • Having difficult conversations about money can reduce future trauma when we lose our partner


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