How to Change Your Beliefs About Money with Dr. Brad Klontz

In this week’s episode we are talking about money scripts. I am joined by Dr. Brad Klontz who is a Financial Planner and Financial Psychologist. Dr. Brad is a clinical psychologist who became interested in the psychology around money after losing money during the dot com downturn. Dr. Brad was debt averse due to generational beliefs and trauma and was using the stock market to clear the £100,000 of student loan debt.

How to Change Your Beliefs About Money with Dr. Brad Klontz

In this episode:

  • The growing field of financial psychology
  • Mis-conceptions around wealth
  • Busting the belief that you must take risks to make money
  • Changing our money narrative for ourselves but also the narrative of future generations
  • Money scripts are subconscious but have profound impact on our financial behaviour
  • The Money Atom exercise
  • It is ok to care about what people think


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