How to Become A Wealthy Woman & Feel Successful

In today’s episode, Catherine is further exploring the topic of becoming a wealthy woman and the feeling of success.

What does success actually mean?

Success is actually a feeling and not a destination or physical state. Success is also individual to each person and there is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to achieving success.

Catherine has previously discussed the topic of becoming a wealthy woman and discussed the importance of separating self worth and net worth, and that the two should be exclusive of one another. Listen in as Catherine shares details around each money narrative and some tips on how we can change limiting beliefs surrounding these.

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How to Become A Wealthy Woman & Feel Successful

In this episode:

  • What you can do to feel more successful in relation to our wealth and personal money stories
  • The belief of charging your worth is flawed when women often have a very low self worth meaning that we would never achieve the level of wealth that we desire and deserve
  • Money narratives are not personality types
  • Key characteristics around each money narrative and top tips for managing that money narrative
  • The importance of being mindful of the language that we use and how that can encourage our brain to look for evidence to further support limiting beliefs


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