De-mystify the stock-market and invest with as little as £1

Catherine Morgan is the founder of The Money Panel. She supports women through a no-jargon approach to money and financial planning. She believes that everybody should have access to financial education, which is why you’ll find a wealth of information available to you in this free de-mystifying the stock-market workshop. 

Click the button below for the full replay of the workshop, or to buy the full course WITH EXCLUSIVE BONUSES OFFERED IN THE WORKSHOP INCLUDING:

– Free Access to the “From Spender to saver course’ – Create a spending plan to manage your money like a boss! (Value £197) 

– Free 1 hour coaching session with Catherine (Worth £200)

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How long is this available for?

The replay of the free workshop will be available for 7 days after the live date. If you decide to purchase the course offered on the workshop to enhance your knowledge, it is open for 7 days with the EXCLUSIVE BONUSES offered. 

Do I need lots of money to invest?

Not at all! Everything that we teach in this course can be implemented with as little as £1 to invest!

Is it financial advice?

No – I believe in educating you to make your own financial decisions, so the information in this course is not deemed to be financial advice.If you would like personalised financial advice, please feel free to contact me for a free discovery call.