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Hello and welcome to this week’s episode. It’s an amazingly glorious day outside as I’m writing this; I’m sure I’m not alone in hating sitting at my desk on days like this. Maybe I should get the podcast out and about in the sunshine next week! I hope you’re enjoying some of the sunshine while you’re reading.

I wanted to kick-start this particular episode by sharing one of our listener’s reviews;

Another excellent UK Personal Finance podcast..
An enjoyable and informative podcast focused on UK Personal finance primarily targeted towards helping females. Despite the target audience, the podcast is a great listen for both genders and gets under the hood with discussions and interviews from some well-rounded people who share their knowledge in areas such as – Money Habits, Budgeting, Money Mindset, Financial Well Being, Ethical investing and the wider Investing assistance, Improving your confidence (with money and yourself generally), early experiences with money, Mental health and money and openly discussing money Mistakes and lessons to be learnt from the past. Like many of the other UK based podcasts, Catherine’s “In Her Financial Shoes” is a highly recommended listen and tries to cut the financial jargon. Well worth subscribing to assist with an area of our lives which most can improve. Thanks for taking the time to put this together for the benefit of others. Keep up the great work and good luck for the future.

Firstly thank you so much Tango1970. This is a really lovely review, and a lovely summary of some of the topics that we have already covered on the podcast. We’re almost ready now to go into series 3, in which I’m going to be bringing you more interviews with some phenomenal guests.

We’ve got Carl Richards who is the author of The One Page Financial Plan, which is a book I’d highly recommend that you go and grab right now if you haven’t read it yet. We’ve got Jason Butler who writes for the Financial Times, and also used to be a financial adviser. We’ll also be speaking with Rob Moore who is a serial multimillionaire, and having just turned 40 is about to have his biggest year yet in his business. We’ll also chat with Joe Graham, Abigail Horne, entrepreneur and co-author of the bestselling book ‘She Made it Happen’, and some other really amazing guests. 

The reason that I’m interviewing these people is not necessarily because they’re successful in business, but actually because I want to really get deep with them around their personal experiences, their personal challenges, and from a business perspective, what challenges they have faced along their journey. I really think that we can learn a lot from just listening to other people’s stories. I just love storytelling; I think it’s fascinating and we can learn so much from just listening to other people.

Big Announcement

I’ve been busy beavering away for the last few months to bring to you what I believe is one of the most exciting memberships that I believe is around right now in the UK. And I’ve been busy building my brand new website, which is now officially live. You can go and check that out here, but before I tell you about the membership, let me first tell you that what I’ve created has been born out of two areas that I’ve recognised from working with clients over the last few years.

  1. The one thing that every single person I have coached has in common is an emotional attachment with money. Now that emotion has been different for everybody, but it’s largely focused around the feelings of guilt, the feelings of shame, fear, and anxiety. Those are the four most common emotions that I have helped them with, and completely transformed their relationship with money. We’ve had some incredible results with working with people, and the biggest transformation has come in the work that they have done themselves around their behaviours, beliefs, and habits with money. Because if you work on your subconscious beliefs around money, then you can think about what thoughts and behaviours serve you and which ones hold you back.
  2. What thoughts do you have that hold you back from making decisions? What thoughts do you have that hold you back from showing up? Building your business on social media, for example, because you may be fearful of being judged or being afraid to offer a package out to your clients because of the fear of charging too much and feeling that you’re not good enough. All these feelings that come from our subconscious belief systems have a huge impact on how we behave around money. Now, I talked about this on last week’s episode. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this, go back and take a listen. You can also read that as well on the blog. And I’d also highly recommend that you go back and listen to episode five, which is where Neil Bage and I, who is a behavioural psychologist expert, did a deep dive into how we actually overcome some of these feelings of fear.

Success with The Money Circle

With this in mind, I really wanted to bring something special to the world. Something that will enable women to come together into a community where we can talk about behaviours, beliefs, mindset, habits, and also provide you with practical knowledge. I believe if you bring those two things together, that’s where the magic happens. The membership is called The Money Circle; I believe that if we open up the closet talking about money, it will really help to empower each and every one of us to learn from each other and to share with one another our experiences, our challenges, and our successes. Within The Circle, I’ll be sharing with you some monthly success kits. These success kits will be simple steps that you can take and that you can implement right away to move you one step closer to achieving your financial goals.

The key to The Money Circle is that it isn’t about providing a massively overwhelming amount of content; it’s about providing you with simple steps to move you through 3 key areas, which are;

  • financial past,
  • financial present, and
  • financial future.

I believe that these are the three focus areas to get you the best results. Some of you may need different focuses depending on the stage of your personal journey and the stage of your life. Some of you may want to tackle more around financial past, looking at behaviours, habits and belief systems. Others may want to tackle things in their financial present like spending plans, managing money, different methods; all the things that fall under the umbrella of financial education. Learning how to invest, for example. And financial future is very much based on goal setting, value based goal setting to set up your path.

We’ll be doing a 30 day focus around financial goal setting, and we will also hold you accountable to each of those areas and each of your steps. We’re going to have weekly accountability live Q&A sessions in Facebook which will be recorded, so you’ll be able to catch up on that if you can’t make the live sessions. We will also be encouraging you to go into the group and find an accountability buddy; perhaps in a similar situation to you, or someone who is one step ahead of you so you can learn from what they have done.

So much more!

In addition to all of this, there will be monthly guest experts from various areas of business and finance. These sessions will take place in Zoom (which is a little like Skype), which will enable us to all join the sessions together within The Circle. These sessions will be live, meaning you’ll be able to ask questions to the guest expert. We’ve got a number of fantastic guests coming up in The Money Circle to provide you with some amazing learning bundles. 

As part of The Money Circle, you will also have access to a beautifully designed membership area where you’ll have your own login, your chance to work with the simple non complicated money success kits and to be held accountable for your goals.

I understand that some memberships can be quite costly, quite overwhelming, and full of content that you just never use, and I’ve really tried to address this with The Money Circle. I’ll be introducing monthly Money Moments awards for those who show commitment to the tasks and within the community, because this is all about making things simple! Small steps, big wins. The winner of the monthly Money Moments awards will be featured in the membership area and will also be able to promote their business to the rest of the circle. 

I’ve also taken this into account when thinking about the investment to join The Circle; you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that the investment will be just £27 per month. Less than 87p per day or £6.09 a week. So less than a cup of coffee.

Why am I making it so low cost?

  1. This is the only time that this membership will be offered at this price. This first price will be for founding members only. We may be asking our special founding members for feedback and input into how the membership progresses, meaning you’ll really have a hand in how the membership grows and develops. We’re also going to treat you with some additional bonuses.
  2. To show commitment. If, for example, we offered this as a free community, then what I tend to find is that we don’t often get the full value because we don’t have the commitment to it. So the simple act of investing just £10 per month gives you the extra level of commitment to The Money Circle and increases the value you will get from it.

Founding Member Bonuses

This offer is only available to founding members and I won’t be offering out at this price again. There’s also two additional bonuses available to you if you join with an annual subscription as a founding member. An annual subscription is just £97 paid upfront, which gets you two months free. So rather than £120, you pay just £97 and you will also get two 15 minute money focus calls with me directly for free. These calls can be booked in with me anytime over the 12 month period, and those calls will really be there for you to use as additional support, or for any questions that you have as you’re working through the money success bundles and the guest expert sessions.

All members will also be invited to some ad-hoc meetups across the UK, and you’ll also have access to my additional training courses, workshops, programs, retreats, and much more, at a members only discounted rate.

The Doors are Open!

The doors to The Money Circle are officially open! And you are the first to know! Some of you may be taking part in the 5 day challenge I have running currently, which started last night. I will be launching the membership out to those taking part in the challenge on Wednesday (3rd July 2019), so as a podcast reader you’ve got an extra 48 hours to grab your spot and be one of the first 100 founding members. Once we’ve reached 100 members the doors will close. So this is your opportunity to join before anybody else and grab those bonuses while they’re still available.

Ready to join?

Remember, the official opening of the doors to The Circle is this Wednesday, so you’ve got exclusive access to join and have the opportunity to be one of the first 100 members before anyone else and before we close the doors. All founding member bonuses will ONLY be available until this Sunday night (7th July 2019) or until we reach the 100 member limit.
I’m really looking forward to seeing you over in The Money Circle. If you have any questions at all, please feel free just to pop me over an email – I really look forward to speaking to you.


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