The Financial Coaching Knowledge Programme

Focus on relationships, value & change work. Help your clients develop a healthy relationship with money, habits and emotions


The real value you can offer is to help the client create their own solutions


I joined the programme to understand my clients better and to learn new ways to help them. My biggest takeaway is the impact of breaking bad money habits, not just for our clients, but how this can feed down through the generations. I would definitely recommend this programme.

Julie Flynn

BA (Hons) DipPFS Director

The programme has given me more confidence to talk about our relationship to money, and a greater comfort in using the right language to articulate the emotional and psychological aspects of money. It has really enabled me to further follow such a fascinating field and I am so glad I joined in on the course.

Danielle Brophy

Financial Planner
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It fills me with the confidence to help more people to feel so much better about money and help them understand and be aware what holds them back.
With the easy to follow simple strategies you’ve created to help us work through these beliefs has been invaluable.

Nila Mistry

Prosperity Life Planning

The Challenge

You want to explore a different way to add even more value to your service proposition and focus on people not products

Your clients want to take action, but even with the best advice and planning they are fearful, or stuck in a cycle of inaction.

You want your work to feel more meaningful at times of emotional change for your clients (divorce, inheritance, retirement)

introducing the 12 week award-winning programme

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The programme has been specifically designed to complement your work as a financial adviser or planner or for you to consider as a stand alone business.

The only programme of its kind - where the adviser, planner, and coach become one!

By the end of this programme, you will be ready to further support paying clients, strengthen your brand, and create long term sustainability for your business and your income.

You will receive a Certificate of completion.

PLUS Limited Time VIP Bonuses worth over £600!

The Opportunity

Make money more meaningful for your clients and help them with their emotional decision making

Learn a new way of developing higher value in your business to and create long term sustainability

Understanding clients behaviours and emotions is the key to unlocking deeper trust & meaningful financial advice

Week 1 - Teaching Week

Learn and practice the core skills of a financial coach

Practice intuitive listening

How the brain processes money beliefs

The 3 stages of how our clients beliefs are formed

Week 2 - Implementation Week
Week 3 - Teaching Week
Week 4 - Implementation Week
Week 5 - Teaching Week
Week 6 - Implementation Week
Week 7 - Teaching Week
Week 8 - Implementation Week
Week 9 - Teaching Week
Week 10 - Implementation Week
Week 11 - Teaching Week
Week 12 - Implementation Week
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Scott Stackhouse

Catherine showed me how to use tools and conversation methods that could help the client gainer a deeper understanding about themselves and see the truth around some of their habits & beliefs around money which in essence could be holding them back from the meaningful experiences money can help them achieve for themselves and their loved ones.

I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to create more deep and meaningful conversations with your clients….

Scott Stackhouse

Lifestyle Financial Planer
Rohan Sivajoti Headshot

The programme has enabled me to ask better and deeper questions to clients in meetings and build the confidence to do so. It's super value for money. Catherine is the consummate host and going through it with a group of peers helps to deliver the maximum value.

Rohan Sivajoti

Co-Founder Next Gen Planners
jessamy walker

They are both [clients] carefree spontaneous - but for the first time ever they said we should meet up more often rather than trying to avoid our reviews. I'll take that small step!

Jessamy Walker

Brown Dog Financial Planning

What matters most - The power of emotional connections

This is an opportunity for you to strengthen your brand proposition for long term sustainability in financial services.


Now more than ever we are recognising in the financial services profession that our clients are facing emotional and behavioural barriers to creating strong financial wellbeing.


We need more financial professionals like you to learn how to help your clients understand their relationship with money and integrate financial coaching into your current role to strengthen your brand proposition for long term sustainability and to help reduce the advice gap.


Understanding your own relationship with money will also help you bring awareness to how these biases may influence the advice you deliver (oooh interesting!)

Learning Outcomes (720 Mins Structured CPD for you)

Understand what financial coaching is and the benefits it brings to planners, advisers and clients

Understand your own beliefs about money and how these influence your interactions with your clients

Examine the interaction between emotions and behaviours and the impact that this can have on client outcomes

Learn the origin of emotions and how this influences our world view

Understand and describe why we favour what is familiar to us and how to help clients break out of their financial comfort zone

Learn the cognitive processes that are at play during discussions about money and how these influence communication between coaches and clients

Look at the benefits and challenges of the development of habits and how clients' behavioural patterns can be interrupted

Practice using the tools that you can use to identify the root of your client's conflicts

Understand our unique 6 Step process to successfully navigate conflict situations.

Understand and explain the drivers of conflict


Practice the qualities, skills and techniques required to be a successful financial coach

Understand and describe how iterative change benefits the formation of lasting habits

Understand the methods available to record the coaching process that complements the regulatory requirements and next steps to use this in practice in your role back in the office

Use and play a recognised model to analyse your client's habits and attitudes to money

Programme enrollment open now

This will change your own relationship with money, not just your clients!

The Work

The 12 week programme includes 6 x LIVE two hour teaching sessions with access to  exercises, tools, and templates.

Each module has been specifically designed to complement your work as a financial adviser or planner or for you to consider as a stand alone business.

There will plenty of opportunities to practice in your cohort and in between the sessions in real life.

By the end of this programme, you will be ready to further support paying clients, strengthen your brand, and create long term sustainability for your business and your income.

You will receive a Certificate of completion.


This 12 Week LIVE programme will start on Thursday 10th September 2020 with fortnightly teaching sessions thereafter. Calls will be held from 12pm-2pm for each of the coaching calls. There will be a bonus classroom celebration for Week 13. Further details in Q&A section below.

These will be held in a remote classroom so no travel required! Expect lots of laughter, learning and lightbulb moments!

Limited Time VIP Bonuses!

compliance masterclass

Karen Malin

Bonus masterclass with Karen Malin, Financial services compliance director.

Compliance masterclass covering all your questions about FCA compliance, including client agreement templates for you to use.

Value: £397

how can I secure coaching clients?

vip bonus


Access to our online 'Financial Coaching Marketing Lite' Course.

Understand how to find your ideal client, attract clients and create engaging social media content as a financial coach.

Plus bonus masterclass on how to write highly searchable blogs on wordpress & how to find clients using Linked In

Value: £397

how can i make this work for my business?

vip bonus

lisa johnson

Bonus masterclass with Lisa Johnson, global multi 7 figure passive income strategist.

'Business Models for More Money in Less Time'

Value: £997

what is financial trauma & how will i know how to recognise it?

vip bonus

caroline strawson

Bonus masterclass with Caroline Strawson, Multi award winning ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Certified Coach

'Understanding the dynamics of financial trauma & how it affects your clients'

Value: £450

How will i know what to charge?

secure bonus today


Pricing masterclass with Catherine

The 1:1 and 1:Many pricing models that we have tried and tested
The 2 different pricing modules that can help you to incorporate coaching into your work to scale the impact or serve your clients with a highly valuable and highly engaged service.   
How to position financial coaching into your discovery calls with new clients
How to position this with your existing clients
How to work with a financial coach if you decide to outsource this to a member of your team or an external financial coach.

Value: £250

cath trans


Catherine Morgan

I’m on a real mission to help more financial professionals to explore the emotional and practical sides of money because money is both logical and emotional! 

Having worked in banks since the age of 18, I became very disillusioned with the focus on complicated financial products. I discovered Financial Coaching and by incorporating this into my work as a Financial Planner I have been able to launch a hugely successful standalone financial coaching business in the UK.

I am a qualified financial planner, certified Financial Coach and therefore understand the regulated world and the challenges this can bring.

Many clients self-sabotage their financial wellbeing and future by not being able to follow your plan and advice because of their feelings, emotions and behaviours.

But I'm here to show you that you can support them more than ever, and in this programme I will be sharing the practical tools and exercises  you need to do that.


How are the lessons delivered and what are the dates?

This 12 Week programme will will be taught LIVE and start on 3rd December 2020 with fortnightly teach sessions thereafter and implementation exercises to do in between. All calls will be 10am-12pm on teach days.

You will be put into buddy groups for accountability over the 12 weeks. 

The dates of the live training are:

3rd December - 10am-12pm

17th December - 10am-12pm

7th January - 10am-12pm

21st January - 10am-12pm

4th February - 10am-12pm

18th February - 10am-12pm

There will be a bonus classroom celebration on Friday 26th February (Time TBC)

All sessions are recorded if you miss one


How can I use this in my business?
How will I be billed?
What do I need to bring?
What if I cannot attend a session?
Is this program structured CPD?
When will this be running again?
I want to send more than one member of my team, do you offer a discount for this?
Will I become a certified financial coach on completion of this programme?
How do I claim my bonuses?