Entrepreneur on Fire: An Interview with John Lee Dumas

This week, we are joining on the podcast by John Lee Dumas, founder and host of daily podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire. John’s podcast has over 3,000 episodes with over 1 million downloads per month and he has just released his book, The Common Path for Uncommon Success. John is talking to us today about how he developed a 17-step roadmap for the path to success and what his journey has done for his life.

Entrepreneur on Fire: An Interview with John Lee Dumas

In this episode:

  • What does failure look like and what it means
  • The common path that all entrepreneurs take
  • Why John’s million-dollar business is transparent about its earnings
  • How laziness can be the fuel for commitment
  • How it is possible to add good, clean value to the world and make a good living
  • Realising that you can change your path and become the master of your own ship
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