How Your Emotions Shape How You See the World

Catherine is bringing you along on her next journey.

In just one week, Catherine and her family are making the move to Jersey. A country very close to their heart, Catherine and Gareth started their family in Jersey. With its beautiful beaches, good food, amazing schools and laid-back lifestyle, this move is going to make waves for the family and business.

Join Catherine as she reflects on how far she has come in the last 10 years, talks about what the future holds for the business and shares the exciting things that are coming to the “In Her Financial Shoes” podcast.

How Your Emotions Shape How You See the World

In this episode:

  • Life changing experiences can bring up various emotions
  • How to break free from the debt, shame and guilt cycles
  • Accepting permission to change is the first step in the process
  • Why mindset work is never complete
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Psychological Science Article: The Emotions We Feel May Shape What We See

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