Emotions of Money: It’s Not About The Money

Today is another special episode celebrating the release of Catherine’s new book, “It’s Not About The Money”.

In this episode, Catherine is sharing another extract, this time from chapter 5 around the emotions of money. Catherine describes this chapter as enjoyable to write because there are so many different types of emotion that we carry around money.

Money is one of the biggest causes of stress and divorce in this country. Sharing a selection of money narratives from her community, Catherine explores more around why we need to tackle the emotion before we can take the practical steps towards becoming a wealthy woman.

Emotions of Money

In this episode:

  • In order to step into wealth, we need to feel wealthy before we become wealthy
  • What are the consequences of holding onto these emotions around money?
  • The chemical release of emotions makes its presence known in the body and it can be physically damaging
  • Why we should acknowledge that money doesn’t cause the emotion, rather that it is caused by the meaning we attach to money


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