Deserving Wealth: It’s Not About The Money

In this special episode, Catherine shares with us another excerpt from her upcoming book “It’s Not About The Money”, launching tomorrow.

To celebrate the launch, Catherine is reading the introduction to the chapter Deserve.

Deserve is the first step of three in the book and explains the science behind why we need to change our money narrative before we can create financial freedom. We need to feel deserving before we take the practical steps in wealth creation.

Deserving Wealth

In this episode:

  • If we don’t feel good enough, we fear that we won’t have enough
  • Why the things we hear as a child, between the ages of 0-6, create our core beliefs and can have a lasting impact on how we behave later in life
  • The definition of trauma
  • Why we need to separate money from our sense of self worth
  • How a misalignment between money beliefs and what is true will create a dissonance


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