Guilt & Debt Shame: It’s Not About The Money

This week has been a rollercoaster of emotions and in the final episode of this week’s celebration, Catherine shares a final 2 chapters from her new book “It’s Not About The Money”.

Catherine shares and excerpt from chapter 6 and 7 in which she explores more around guilt and shame including shame around debt.

Not all debt is bad and yet we are training from a young age to think that we should “get back in the black”, that negative numbers are always a bad thing. The importance of addressing these emotions, and in particular shame and guilt, can have extraordinary results on your creation of wealth, moving you forward to a place of empowerment and sustainability.

Guilt & Debt Shame

In this episode:

  • How we can get stuck in a continual debt cycle because of shame
  • Why money is not about who you are
  • We attach the emotions to ourselves using the phrase “I am…”
  • Putting your own needs before others was not selfish but in fact enriching
  • Only you will know when the right time is to let go of the emotions around money


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