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Today I’m talking to an incredible guest, Karen Baines. Karen is a conscious karmic creation coach, which I know sounds absolutely fascinating. She is hugely passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach a level of certainty to achieve the most they can from their lives. I connect with Karen so much, especially as she has grown her business in such an organic and heart-centred way, which really resonates with me. She’s proved that it’s possible to create a life of abundance and to do exactly what you deserve in life.

Welcome Karen.

Hi. I’m so thrilled and honoured to be here.

Karen, we’d love to know a little bit more about yourself and what you do.

I’m a conscious karmic creation coach, and what I do is work with universal law. I work mainly with female entrepreneurs to show them how to leverage universal law within their businesses. We focus on money, because it’s a tangible thing that we can work with. There’s so much to learn from understanding your own creation process. The signals you get back from your bank account are incredible when you know what to look for.

Usually when I work with a client it’s because they feel like they’re doing all the right things but nothing is changing or growing; they’ve reached a plateau in their businesses. Leveraging universal law is one of the best ways to make sure you’re more aligned to abundance in your business, and to increase your earning potential. Many of my clients are running businesses in which they serve other people, and there can be a lot of over-giving there. We talk a lot about alignment, and how alignment helps you to build abundance and will ultimately show up in your bank account.

What were some of your early experiences growing up in terms of money?

The one that still really haunts me was my mother’s mantra; ‘We can’t afford it’. I have two siblings and we were a single parent family, with my mum holding down three jobs just to provide a basic standard of living for us. My early experiences with money were not cool. My perception as a child was that there was a big divide between us and our extended family who seemed to me to all have a ‘middle class’ energy about them. So the phrase ‘we can’t afford it’ has been banned from my house!

So what do you say as an alternative?

I recommend finding a way to focus on talking about the fact that you’re in the process of creating. In terms of energy and vibrational shifts, these change every few months. You’d be amazed what you can achieve in a short space of time, and you’re always in the process of creating something new.

I think it’s important to talk about financial education for our children, and reframing financial messages into positive ones.

It’s very important to teach our children to be responsible with money, but there’s a big difference in being responsible and living without abundance. I get asked quite a lot what the first thing is that you can do in terms of realignment to a place of financial abundance, and my answer is to stop ignoring money. In terms of energy, anywhere that you’re ignoring money you’re saying you don’t want it. We ignore what we don’t want in our lives.

Where do you think that fear comes from?

I think it comes from a fear of lack of control, or losing control. Many people think they don’t have control over their money. Money is how we assign value, and it represents choice. We show that we value something by paying for it. When we show fear and ignore or hide from our money, we are not valuing money.

Making sure your values are aligned to what you’re spending is something I’ve spoken about recently. There’s a synergy between the mindset of scarcity and how we feel about money. Can you talk us through how you transitioned from the early experiences you had with money to where you are now?

It was actually very organic. I was a very unhappy child, and I felt really hard done by. But I also knew that it wasn’t meant to be that way. At around 11 I started to see a counsellor, and started to read self help books in my late teens. I started book-keeping for my husband when he started his business, purely so that we could manage his tax returns and business finances without paying someone else which we weren’t in a position to do. I found I had a knack for book-keeping, and secured some other clients. When I no longer felt in alignment with that, the more spiritual side of things started to come into what I was doing. I discovered universal law and the law of attraction, and it felt like a lightbulb moment. I realised that for my existing clients, I’d not only been reconciling their books but I’d been coaching them on why they weren’t making any more money. So I made the conscious decision that I would close down the book-keeping business and really focus on coaching instead.

Can you tell us more about the Law of Attraction and Law of Polarity; it’s quite commonly misunderstood, isn’t it?

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is something that’s taken the world by storm, and I understand why people feel switched off to the perceived ‘magic’ of it. In its simplest form, LOA says that like attracts like. At an energetic level, this means that we have control over our choices, and we make a choice in every single thing we do. The choices that we make are all vibrations, and that’s what the universe runs out; everything is made from energy. If you make a choice and the energy is one of love or power, that’s the vibration that the universe reads, and the opposite is also true. If you make choices based on sacrifice and obligation, then the universe can only assume that’s what you’re trying to attract and send you more of it.

We don’t have to be spiritual or religious to believe in LOA, it’s much more about mindset and choice. Tell us more about Law of Polarity.

Law of Polarity says that the universe doesn’t recognise positive or negative. The universe can only say yes to everything that we choose. Law of Polarity says that everything has an opposite, such as lack and abundance. One can’t exist without the other. Recognising that negative and positive energies aren’t judgments, they just are. Learning how to leverage that in your business is powerful.

What sort of emotions do you hear from your clients about lack?

The main one is fear, which really is a basic instinct in most of us. At the base level, we’re often afraid to even look at our bank balances. But in terms of the process of Karmic creation, by avoiding looking  at it, we’re simply avoiding it so the universe can only give us more of that fear.

It really does come down to fear of losing control, or having no control, doesn’t it? How did you make the move from using karmic alignment in terms of your own money and alignment to creating a very successful business?

I followed my gift. When LOA entered my consciousness, I spent a long time soaking up all the information I could, and it was truly amazing, But it wasn’t long until I started to notice holes in LOA. I was in a fortunate position to already be working with clients in a financial way, so I could see a direct correlation between my clients feelings and their bank balances.

I do something called the 7 steps process, but in terms of opening the creative gate it’s the first few steps that are the most important.

  1. Stop ignoring your money
  2. Become aware of what you want money for
  3. Knowing what your target energy is

I think the idea of working in smaller time frame chunks as you’ve said is really important. It’s much harder to be excited about money when you’re thinking too far ahead, such as thinking about your retirement.

Absolutely. It’s all about breaking it down into manageable chunks especially a business owners. We are creating daily, so the choices we are making right now are important. It’s much better to work on a three month time scale; it’s energetically available and easy for us to get excited about. I know what I want to do in three months, but I don’t know and can’t engage with what I want to when I retire.

Absolutely. Is there one thing you’d suggest to people to think about right now if they’re feeling in a place of scarcity?

Yes. Right now I’d suggest looking at your bank accounts. Look at your weekly or monthly income, and allocate just 1% to yourself. Put it aside, let it build up, and then in 3 months time go and spend it only on yourself. Spend it on something that makes you feel positive, and that is for you. Most of us don’t allocate money for ourselves; we save for a rainy day, or for retirement, or other things. But you are the most important person in your life, and you are valuable. When you allocate and spend money on yourself, you are valuing yourself. We often put ourselves last when we should be putting ourselves first.


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