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How to Invest in Property with Amy Rowlinson

Before we get started, those of you who follow me on social media may have noticed that we have had some pretty exciting announcements recently, and I’m really excited to say that I’ll be launching in July a brand new membership called The Money Circle. The membership is all about helping female entrepreneurs to get…


The Importance of Behavioural Finance with Daniel Crosby

So we’re on episode nine now of series two and one of the common threads that’s come up in every single episode is around this topic of behavioural finance, and how our behaviours influence how we achieve our financial goals and shape our financial intentions around money. I’ve been really fascinated by exploring this topic…

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Ethical Investing through your Pension with Rebecca Jones

Series 2 of the podcast is focused around the topic of investing, something which I am really passionate about encouraging everyone to get involved with, especially women. Today we’re talking about ethical investing specifically via your pension. One of the topics included in the investing and investment bracket is that dreaded word ‘pensions’. In this…


Investing jargon made simple; What the hell is the stock market?!

Bite sized snippets to help you feel empowered In this episode, I’ve put together a bunch of bite-sized snippets to help you get to grips with some common bits of investing jargon that people often ask about. You’ve probably heard some of the terms before – but if you’re like most people, you’re probably not…