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UK Money Bloggers Easter Giveaway – Win an M&S Hamper

I’m extremely excited to be teaming up with some fabulous money bloggers and friends to bring you the UK Money Bloggers Easter giveaway. Easter is one of my favourite times of the year; with Spring in full flow, lighter evenings, and a sense of newness in the air, there’s almost no better time to celebrate…


Implementing the envelope budgeting system with Roxanne Bergman

In this episode of the podcast we’ll be talking about something called the ‘envelope system’. Those of you who follow Dave Ramsay may have heard about the envelope system. Dave Ramsay talks about the idea of drawing money out in cash and keeping it in envelopes to help you to manage specific areas of your…

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Conscious Philanthropic giving with Lauren Janus

In this podcast episode we’re discussing philanthropy, and how women and millennials can help to give back. If the idea of using your money to make the world a better place is appealing to you, then you’re going to love this episode. Many women today want their investments to do more than simply offer good…


Tips for saving money on food with Faith Archer

Faith Archer has been writing about money for more than 14 years. Previously Deputy Personal Finance Editor at The Daily Telegraph, she is now an award winning personal finance journalist and money blogger at Much More With Less. Her blog is all about moving to the country, living on less and making the most of…


Conscious creation and Law of attraction money coaching

Today I’m talking to an incredible guest, Karen Baines. Karen is a conscious karmic creation coach, which I know sounds absolutely fascinating. She is hugely passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach a level of certainty to achieve the most they can from their lives. I connect with Karen so much, especially as she has grown her…


How to overcome imposter syndrome with Anna Parker-Naples

For some time now, I have been working with several ladies to help them make better financial decisions. Over a 3 month period we have 6 video sessions together, during which we discuss their relationship with money. I also use a fun quiz to ascertain my client’s relationships with money. One such lady, who I…


‘The Woman I am Becoming’; International Women’s Day UK + Book Launch

I am really excited to say that today, alongside some other inspirational women, have launched a book to help inspire young women as part of this years International Women’s Day UK campaign #balanceforbetter. The book has already become an Amazon best seller! Here is a video with some alarming stats about the struggles that some…


How to use self actualisation to improve your wealth

What can Maslow’s hierarchy of needs teach women about wealth and financial well-being? Abraham Maslow was a famous psychologist who came up with the idea that people are motivated to satisfy certain needs in a hierarchical order. They can only move up the hierarchy to the next need once they have the prior need fulfilled.…


How to save more money every month: Plum VS Cleo

I often get asked the question “How can I save more money every month?” or “What are your top tips for saving?” Obviously, there are several answers to these questions, but recently I tested 2 FREE money apps which I think are great to share with you as ways to help you save more money…


Tips on how you can be more financially resilient

It is World Thinking Day tomorrow and this got me thinking about my past and recent experiences with money and how we can be better prepared to deal with life events that just happen unexpectedly. So what exactly is financial resilience? Financial resilience is the ability to withstand life events that impact your income. As…