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The Truth About Pensions: How to Get Started with Pensions When You Are Self Employed

I’ve been doing some research recently to look into some of the stats about how many freelancers and self employed entrepreneurs are not investing in pensions, and I’ve come across a number of videos and found some really incorrect information on YouTube about pensions. So I am here today to bust some of those myths…


Top 4 Investing Myths

I wanted to talk to you today about the top 4 investing myths I hear from women, and the reasons I often hear as to why they are not getting started with investing in their financial future. For those of you who have been following us for a while, you may remember that series 2…


6 Ways to Create Strong Boundaries for Yourself

I wanted to share with you a little bit of a personal insight into something I’ve really let myself down with this week. I feel absolutely exhausted today. And the reason for that is because I’ve allowed my boundaries to be taken over. I’ve not actually remembered what is important to me and how important…

why-a-website-is-important-small-business (1)

Why a Website is Important for Your Small Business with Jude & Chris Wharton

One of the frustrations I see from a lot of female entrepreneurs is how to leverage their time and invest in their business that will get them a return on investment. One of the biggest areas in building a business is branding and websites. A couple of the challenges I see a lot of entrepreneurs…

stop-repeated-cycles-of-overspending (1)

3 Steps to Stop Repeated Cycles of Overspending and How to Overcome Them

I want to share some tips today – three steps to stop repeated cycles of overspending and how to overcome them. Now this has come off the back off the Plug Your Money Leaks challenge that I’ve been running this week, but also with some conversations with a few people this week about food overspend.…

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How to Get More Visible Through Podcasting with Anna Parker-Naples

This week I’m bringing you back one of our earliest guests from series one, Anna Parker-Naples. In series one we talked about imposter syndrome and that fear of getting yourself out there and being visible. Anna’s progress in her business has been incredibly inspiring to watch, and I’m delighted to have her back this week…

deal-with-financial-stress (1)

6 Ways to Deal with Financial Stress

Today I wanted to talk about six ways to deal with financial stress. This has come off the back of two conversations I’ve had recently with two ladies, both of them in their fifties. These ladies had two fairly similar situations; both were in positions of financial stress and actually financial stress that wasn’t necessarily…


How to Start if You’re Thinking of Buying Investment Property with Dan Hulbert & Amy Rowlinson

I’m really pleased to welcome back to the podcast Amy Rowlinson who we interviewed in series 2 about how to invest in property. In this interview we’re also welcoming Amy’s business partner Dan Hulbert to talk with us about how and where to start if you’re thinking of buying investment property. I know that some…

manage-money-in-your-business (1)

The 15 Minute Exercise to Change the Way You Manage Money in Your Business

Today I want to share my 15 minute routine that I do every single day in my business. I can honestly say that all of the things I’m going to run through will really help you to manage money in your business with ease. These are simple and uncomplicated tasks. This time of year many…

find-your-money-leaks-stop-overspending (1)

4 Tips to Find Your Money Leaks and Stop Overspending

Managing your money leaks is something that I believe everyone should be doing on a regular basis. But as well as the practical steps involved in this, it’s also about learning what causes you to overspend in the first place. Financial education is not the answer, in my opinion, to overspending. Understanding how to manage…