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Money and Happiness

What is the biggest regret that people have when they look back on their lives? Not doing something that they had the opportunity to do. Not buying the experience.


Why you should have a Pension right now

Let’s face it – pensions are complicated and also rather dull! But what isn’t dull, is what they enable us to do. Many people ask themselves do they need a pension. This article is to help explain what a pension is and how they can help you to live a full life, experience the world and…


How to get paid to shop

Who doesn’t love a good shopping bargain After the rise of Black Friday, it seems the shops are offering sales every day of the week. So how do you actually earn money whilst shopping? Here are my top three shopping apps to use to get paid to shop: Make sure you ALWAYS use an online cashback…


How to Make Better Financial decisions

One Question that I am asked a lot, is “How do I make better financial decisions?” Firstly, there is no quick fix! Financial decisions are complex. Often we assess the success of a financial decision years later. A staggering 80% of our decisions come from emotional and instinctive thoughts. We are good at making decisions…