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find-your-money-leaks-stop-overspending (1)

4 Tips to Find Your Money Leaks and Stop Overspending

Managing your money leaks is something that I believe everyone should be doing on a regular basis. But as well as the practical steps involved in this, it’s also about learning what causes you to overspend in the first place. Financial education is not the answer, in my opinion, to overspending. Understanding how to manage…


Women’s Wealth is Rising: How to Take Control of Yours

A massive welcome to series 4 of the podcast! We’re kicking off the series with an amazing interview with Shaa Wasmund talking about women’s wealth and how we can take more control over our own. We’ve got some really exciting things happening this year – you might have noticed our brand new podcast logo. We…


10 Ways to Generate Semi Passive Income for Women in Business in 2020

Welcome to the very last podcast episode of 2019, where we’ll be discussing how to generate semi passive income as a woman in business! It’s been an absolute pleasure to record the podcast every week this year for you guys, and I’m very excited for what is coming up in 2020. The focus in 2020,…

how-to-talk-about-money (1)

5 Tips for How to Talk About Money with Yourself

Today I’m going to be talking about ways you can improve your relationship with money and how to talk about money with yourself. This has been an ongoing thread running throughout series 3, but I really wanted to summarise 5 key areas to focus on every single day. When you begin to focus on your…