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Three of the most common mistakes women make with money and common reasons why I think that women struggle to create wealth.

3 Common Mistakes Women Make with Money

Series 5 has all been about managing finances in times of uncertainty and moving from uncertainty to thriving, and for this final segment of the series I am sharing with you three of the most common mistakes women make with money and the reasons why I think that women struggle to create wealth. Getting into…


Mind Over Money: Using the Money Atom Exercise to Improve Your Money Wellbeing

Some of the most common questions I get asked in my work as a financial coach are: “How do I change my money mindset?” “How do I stop self-sabotaging?” “How do I get out of this debt cycle?” “How do I start believing that I’m worthy of wealth?”. For me, this all centers around how…


4 Tips to Talk to Your Partner About Money

I want to cover a really important subject about how to talk to your partner about money. One of the hardest things about talking to your partner about money is the actual communication part of finances in order to start making some progress. In order to have really good, positive communication with your partner about…

The best money apps to save money, and we have also included in our list some top recommended money apps from the UK Money Bloggers community.

26 Best Money Apps to Save Money

This week I’m interviewing Andy Webb about the best money apps to save money. Andy is a leading, multi award winning, money blogger. You may have seen him on TV with his show Shop Smart: Save Money. He’s been blogging now for six years and has a website called Be Clever with Your Cash. Originally…

An interview with Sara Price, founder of Actually & multi-million pound business owner, about protecting your lifestyle and finances after critical illness.

How to Protect Your Finances After Critical Illness

I’ve got the most incredible guest for you again this week. I am interviewing Sara Price about protecting your lifestyle and finances after critical illness. Sara is the founder of Actually and the co-founder of a multi-million pound communications company called Pagefield. Sara started her early career in the Westminster parliament and she learned about…


How to Protect Yourself as an Entrepreneur with Small Business Income Protection

I want to talk about protecting yourself and your small business with income protection. This series we’ve been talking about creating certainty in times of uncertainty, and I want to focus particularly in today’s episode about how you can support your small business by protecting your income with income protection. As I’m writing this we…


How to Manage Mental Health and Financial Wellbeing During a Crisis

Today I want to focus around how we manage mental health and financial wellbeing during times of crisis. I’ve got a wonderful guest today, a gentleman called Nick Elston, who I was introduced to about 18 months ago. I went to Chris Budd’s financial wellbeing conference, which was really inspiring, and Nick Elston stood on…


7 Tips to Create a Strong Routine

Holly Haynes is a business strategist and she is incredible. She is not only a business strategist and entrepreneur, she has just recently launched her own podcast, she works nine to five in a job, and she’s got twins. What I love about Holly is how she really has embedded lots of different routines in…


How to find your life path number with Numerology

On this series we’re talking about how to create certainty in times of uncertainty, and this month we had a wonderful guest expert come into the Money Circle membership, Jo Soley. Jo is the owner and founder of Bizology. In fact, she has developed and transformed an incredible niche business in the UK using the…

I'm really excited to interview Nik today. We're going to be talking about the PERMA theory and how we can apply the PERMA theory for financial well being. The PERMA theory is based on a psychological tool

How to Apply the PERMA theory for Financial Wellbeing

Today we’re continuing the theme of series five around how to move from surviving to thriving, and I’m interviewing the incredible Nik Hanson. Nik is a high performance trainer, speaker, and writer, and she works with women and business owners to really get to their high performance level, which is in the top 15% of…