Are You Ready To Be A Wealthy Woman?

We are officially back after a ‘dark’ summer on the podcast! Regular listeners will notice that we are back with a brand new introduction to the podcast, and this week Catherine talks a little about some of the phrasing in the new introduction.

One of the sentences that Catherine decided to use is “Are you ready to be a wealthy woman?”, and today she talks about the word wealthy and what that can bring up for many of us.

Are You Ready To Be A Wealthy Woman?

In this episode:

  • Why most women do not believe that they can actually be wealthy
  • What happened when Catherine asked people (and Google!) what it looks like to be a wealthy woman
  • Catherine’s own wealth journey and experiences
  • Common blocks that come up when we think about the word wealth
  • Catherine’s 15 tips for what a wealthy woman really looks like
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15 Signs: What Does A Wealthy Woman Look Like?

Listen to the full episode above for a full explanation of each of these tips!

  1. Financially independent not co-dependent
  2. Has financial freedom
  3. Knows her numbers – gets financially naked!
  4. Challenges her own financial comfort zones
  5. Examines her own money narratives
  6. Forgives herself for past decisions
  7. Recognises cultural and social beliefs that are not her own
  8. Knows that self worth and net worth are different, and doesn’t tie her self worth to her net worth
  9. Spends money in line with her values
  10. Takes small steps for big wins – knows it’s not about the big leaps!
  11. Has strong financial foundations
  12. Knows it’s not about creating wealth but actually what she plans to do with the wealth
  13. Creates momentum – She creates financial intentions and goals that mean something and that she’s going to want to take action on
  14. Cultivates a mindset and behaviours that balance her money narratives
  15. Puts profit first or pays herself first


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