Anne Boden: The Inspiring Woman Changing Banking for Women

In today’s episode, Catherine is sharing some of her recent findings after reviewing a report produced by Starling Bank as part of their #MakeMoneyEqual campaign.

The initial research back in 2018 showed that men and women are spoken to differently about money and even represented differently in imagery used by the media. The campaign aims to help remove negative gender stereotypes from public conversation around money and finances.

Women are now the primary breadwinners in 40% of households and no longer just control the household budget like previous generations. Catherine talks about some of the biggest influences that affect how we step into our wealth and further explores how we, as women, can make a difference in the world by embracing our emotions, creating, and growing our wealth.

This podcast episode is proudly sponsored by Starling Bank

Anne Boden: The Inspiring Woman Changing Banking for Women

In this episode:

  • How changes in the banking system inspired Anne Boden to go out and create a whole new bank
  • Why the #MakeMoneyEqual campaign is making a huge impact on the way that men and women are represented by the media around money
  • Top tips around wealth creation for women including why you should make looking at your money a fun experience
  • More information around investing, why it doesn’t always need to be medium or high risk, and how to identify investment scams


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