Clearing your akashic records to increase your self worth and net worth

I’ve got a question to ask you. Have you ever felt like if you had a better relationship with money, then you would be able to do more things?

You would feel more empowered.

You would be in a better financial situation.

You wouldn’t be self-sabotaging.

You’d feel more confident in your ability to create wealth.

You’d perhaps get out of that kind of scarcity mindset and into that abundance mindset.

Have you ever felt like you want to show up and be more visible in your business for example, but something is just holding you back. That inner critic, that perfectionism, perhaps even something to do with what you’re telling yourself about money.

This week I’m talking to Marina Beech. Marina is a spiritual intuitive, she’s a teacher and an Akashic record channel teacher. So essentially she helps to spiritually guide people and help them to discover their soul identity, to reconnect with their divine gifts.

I was introduced to Marina Beech’s work by the lovely Jo Soley who I interviewed a few weeks ago around Numerology, which is an equally fascinating topic.

Marina specialises in Akashic records and using the power of spirituality and intuition, looking at our soul identity and how that can impact our self worth, how we feel about ourselves, and things that potentially could have happened that will have an impact or leave an imprint on how we make decisions.

As many of you know, I’m very deeply rooted in financial psychology and the reasons why we make decisions, some of the thoughts or beliefs that we have around money, and how they can have an impact on how we make decisions. I’ve recently been exploring much more of the spiritual side of wealth connection.

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself to be what I would call a woo woo money mindset expert but actually for me, It’s not about being woo woo. It’s just about understanding your own path and what’s led you to the position that you’re in today. I’m really excited to do a deep dive into this topic because it’s something that I know nothing about, and it’s absolutely fascinating.

If you are particularly spiritual, or want to find out more about the spiritual connection between your money beliefs and whether there is something that needs to be cleared in order for you to move forward and change some of those limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, keep reading.

A huge welcome Marina, how are you?

I’m brilliant. Thank you very much for having me here and inviting me on. I’m absolutely delighted to be here. Feeling really good and ready to share a little bit more about the Akashic records.

You’ve got 30 years experience in this subject, Marina. Tell us a little bit more about what is Akashic records?

I started off with using tarot cards and what we used to call the Occult back in the day. That was always something that interested me, no rhyme or reason why.

With the Akashic records that was actually a much more recent thing that I stumbled across. Like you, I had absolutely no idea what they were. I had a bit of a hard time actually trying to say Akashic records! It was purely by chance that I was watching another Akashic record teacher and she was doing a Facebook live around us learning a little bit more about our past and perhaps something that was blocking us moving forward in the everyday.

I didn’t really know what I was actually answering in terms of her questions. I was like, “yes, I’d like to know a bit more about my master program,” but had no clue what that was. Then she delivered the live and she told me that my master program, which was held in the Akashic records, was alcoholism. I hadn’t really shared with anybody that I was battling with an addiction, a psychological addiction to alcohol, not a physical addiction because I’d got my drinking under control. This was three years prior, but the psychological addiction was there. I couldn’t go through a day without actually thinking, “I’d like a drink, how am I going to manage not to have a drink?”

It takes an awful lot of energy to really manage that thought process and have that willpower to hold yourself back. The guilt that came with actually then having a drink afterwards was just something that I battled with for a number of years.

So she told me that I’ve got this master program of alcoholism. I didn’t know her, I’d never met her, and it was just amazing the fact that she had that information, that she’d received this information, she’d got this information from this thing called the Akashic records.

And then she cleared it with a pendulum, and from that point onwards I learned how to use a pendulum and the switch switched off. It was like something had just turned and I dropped the whole thinking about alcohol, wanting to have a drink, needing to have a drink. It all switched off in that one moment.

Actually, it was three years this June that switch got switched off and I’ve not wanted alcohol or touched alcohol since. So from that point, I was like, I need to know what the Akashic records are, and know how I can support somebody else with having such an amazing shift and a transformational point in their life. So that’s what led me to learn more about them.

Wow. That’s amazing. We often hear stories about light bulb moments that happen. How did that feel for someone to tell you that who didn’t know you?

I was absolutely gobsmacked. How did she know that? She couldn’t have known that without picking up on that from a point that she was able to tap into, which is the Akashic records, and get that information. There was just absolutely no way, because I hadn’t even revealed it to my husband or my close friends or family, because it was something that I was ashamed of. So I was kind of just dealing with it on my own.

So it was just an amazing point in my life that just really turned me onto a new path. It’s really opened up a whole new way of life for me. It was amazing.

Tell us a little bit more then about when she went into your Akashic records. What does that entail?

Okay. So first of all, the Akashic records are like a library of information, so they’re energetic, but you can’t actually see them. They sit in the fifth dimensional realm, and we’re third dimensional, having a very human experience in our physical bodies. Fourth dimensionally, you have thoughts and feelings, and then fifth dimensional is where you get to the spiritual realms. The Akashic records sit there. I say they’re like an energetic database that holds information about every single person or soul, and every single lifetime – if you believe in lifetimes past lives and every choice and consequence that that soul has created in that lifetime from the beginning of creation.

The Akashic records as an energy form are absolutely huge. She would have a number of charts and she was using the pendulum. You basically tune in and use the pendulum to dowse for the answers. That’s how you get the information from the Akashic records.

That’s not the only way, though, and the way that I have been working with my clients when I take them into their own Akashic record is that I do it through visualisation and meditation because not everybody uses a pendulum. This takes a little bit of work to get used to using.

Using your own mind and your imagination is really the easiest way to get into the Akashic records, and everybody can do it. That’s the really key thing: the Akashic records now are much more well known about, and that’s because as a society, and globally, we are slowly opening up to spirituality and these things that are available to us and we’re becoming more conscious.

Conscious of our choices, conscious of the planet’s choices and what’s going on. Having consciousness is what allows you to go into your own Akashic records. Way back, in the olden days, there wasn’t very many highly conscious people around. We were very much living with our flight and fight, which obviously we still live with. But it was very much about security and safety, looking after your family, staying in tribes, getting food. Very, very basic stuff.

Whereas now we’re not in that position so we’re more able to go into our own Akashic records and access this wealth of information that is available to us. And it’s incredibly useful when we want to start to release and heal things from the past that are still holding us back in our business and in our everyday lives, which for me was a program of alcoholism. So it was amazing.

Where do the Akashic records come from?

They’ve always been around, they’re globally known. Every culture has an awareness of the Akashic records. They’re known as the Soul Records. They’re also called the Book of Life and they are mentioned in the Bible as well. Akasha is a Sanskrit word, and the Sanskrit language was the first language that was created and it means ether or space. So they’ve been around since the beginning of time since people started to be slightly more conscious.

When they to start to spiritually connect that’s when the Akashic records were discovered. So they’ve been around for centuries. They’re not a new fangled thing or anything like that, they’re very much an old point of knowledge and something that we can access that helps support us and others in our everyday life.

Do you have to be particularly intuitive to be able to access your Akashic records?

No. I don’t believe you do. I think what you need to have is an open mind and a willingness to be open and to be allowed to be led through into a meditation and use your imagination. I think when people start to think about meditation and doing this kind of work, they think you have to have this big vision and be clairvoyant and all of this, and that’s just not true. The way that I do my meditation and I do my own healing is just imagining myself in that situation. I might sense that, I might feel that, or I might visually see it, but when I take somebody into their ownAkashic records, I am quite graphic so you can really get a sense for how it feels and you can picture yourself going into your Akashic records.

There’s a couple of specific things that I will do just to make sure that you’re going into the right place, but it’s really about just immersing yourself, having an open mind and just allowing yourself to go through that process and into that journey. You’ll be amazed what can shift and what change you’ll see after you’ve been into your Akashic record.

And what does that feel like? So when you’re going through that process, because I can imagine for some people that they’re potentially reading this thinking, “Wow, that sounds amazing” and they may have done some meditation work before, or some NLP or rapid transformational therapy, but other people will be thinking, “Oh my goodness, what is that going to be like?”

So talk us through, how does that feel when somebody is guiding you through that and how would that compare to if you were doing it for yourself?

Okay. Well, for me as a teacher, I absolutely love guiding people through. So I don’t really immerse myself in that meditation because I’m actually giving the instruction as it were, but it’s a relaxed process. As I say, if I think if you just come with an open mind and just be willing to try and give it a go. The idea is that you find the issues because for me, most of the time, I like to lead people into their Akashic record to release something and heal something. To also, perhaps, unlock a gift or a skill or a talent that they’re maybe not using fully in the present lifetime. And I also like them to perhaps ask for guidance.

So when I take somebody into their Akashic records, they get to meet their Akashic record keeper. And we have a few of those. So depending on what we’re going to the Akashic records for, you’ll get to meet a different guide and you can ask them for guidance, which is very similar if you wanted to start to connect with your highest self or intuition.

Our high self is just a higher version of us that sits on the fifth dimension. And our higher self is somebody that we can connect with to get guidance and information the same way that we can connect with our Akashic record guide. So it’s a relaxed process. The idea is that you come away feeling quite empowered, feeling perhaps healed in some way, and hopefully that you’ve had some kind of aha! or insight whilst you’ve been in that Akashic record.

I usually advise people to drink lots of water afterwards because you do get some kind of healing and shift when you go in. That just really helps to release anything that is energetically stuck because at the end of the day, we’re all energy and you’re just going into another access point of energy.

So the general gist is that it’s relaxed and you come away feeling good and feeling motivated.

Marina specialises in Akashic records and using the power of spirituality and intuition, looking at our soul identity and how that can impact our self worth, how we feel about ourselves, and things that potentially could have happened that will have an impact or leave an imprint on how we make decisions.

Amazing. So what kind of challenges do you typically help people with? So if we take business, for example, what kind of challenges do you see for entrepreneurs that you can help them with by unlocking their Akashic records?

So the usual challenges with business is client attraction in some way, visibility, self worth. Self worth, and confidence is actually quite a huge one, whether people are in business or not. I tend to get that as quite a big major one, lack of self confidence, self esteem. And there’s always things that come up from their past, which is kind of supporting that feeling if you know what I mean.

Visibility, marketing themselves, sales, which all basically comes down to self confidence again and not wanting to be seen. So that tends to be the kind of the main things that people would come to me for.

What are some of the reasons that you hear in terms of what is stopping people from getting visible in their business?

It very much comes down to our choices and in past lives. So people, we’ve made lots of negative choices – when I say negative choices what that means is that they’re misaligned. They don’t align with us, with where we are at the moment, where we want to move forward to. The choices of the past, just misalign with that. When we make a misaligned choice, it kind of creates an energy and it’s that energy that we still see in our life today, that we attract in some way, that is holding us back.

For instance, if I decided to join a religious order – we tended to join a lot of religious orders in the past, and we might have joined that religious order because we wanted to atone for something that we’d done previously. Atone for our sins, or maybe we wanted to devote ourselves to God and to heal and serve people, or we might have also joined the religious order for safety and security because we might have been disowned by our family. And usually when we join a religious order, what we’re agreeing to then is to handover our spiritual authority to somebody that we perceive as being God.

That would be usually the religious leader that was in that organisation. We would make a vow, or we’d make several vows, and there’s different types of vows that have different energies. So when we make a vow where we’re handing over our spiritual authority, it might then be that it has an energy of poverty because we’re agreeing that any money that we make we’re going to give to the church, or that we were going to live a very austere lifestyle and not feel worthy of being able to have anything of our own because we have to give everything to the church.

So we have these different types of vows, and if we have a vow of poverty, how that shows up today then is perhaps we really have issues with a lack mindset. We have this scarcity or poverty consciousness that we buy into, or it might be that we’re really good at making money and we could make millions, but we can’t save it. We can’t hold onto it. And that’s because we have this vow of poverty that we’ve taken, we’ve agreed, we’ve made a promise.

There’s been a ritual that’s attached to that in a past lifetime, and that is still affecting us. So it’s a form of contract. We’ve made an exchange of energy with somebody. It’s not been broken and it’s still affecting us today. It’s fascinating that how our choices of the past can still be affecting us today.

That’s so interesting. Earlier in series five of the podcast, I was talking about Ted and Brad Klontz, who are financial psychologists. They have an exercise called the Money Atom Exercise.

It’s where you essentially go back into your family history. You draw visually with shapes; triangles, and circles and squares, different people’s representations in your family. And maybe it was the males that brought wealth into the family and maybe it was the female figures in your family that maybe spent the wealth, or it could have been the opposite.

What’s interesting for me there is that when you talk about that scarcity mindset, or that poverty vow is that we’re all in a little comfort zone, aren’t we? If we’re used to experiencing receiving money or receiving wealth then it becomes comfortable and familiar to us, but if we’re not used to that, and we’re suddenly trying to move from a place of debt or scarcity around money to abundance and wealth creation it’s unfamiliar to our brain as well.

Our brain doesn’t even recognise what that is. So that’s really interesting that you’ve touched upon how that scarcity mindset can keep us stuck. Particularly from a business perspective, can keep us stuck in undercharging for our services in lots of different ways.

I guess the Akashic records then is an extension that Money Atom exercise and of going back even further. So going right back into past lives and how some of those vows that we’ve taken can affect the decisions that we’re making today.

When I do my work I’m literally going in for blocks and restrictions when I’m working on a one to one basis. So it’s very much about what’s blocking the client now and I work with a six month intention. What it is they would really like to actively intend and work on, and that’s the blocks and restrictions that I then pick up on.

Usually we look at about three lifetimes worth of blocks and restrictions, and they can be things like contracts, vows, we can have bargains, we can have compassionate connections. There’s just so many different things. We have implants. Implants are quite interesting because they’re coping mechanisms. What we do is we make a choice and it’s usually joining an organisation again, we realise that they’re corrupt in some way but we’re still getting something out of being in there.

What we do is we create an implant as a coping mechanism to talk us, allowing us to still stay in that organisation or make negative choices, even though it feels wrong. That then creates a program that will still affect us today. There’s just so much that is held within the Akashic records that you can dive into and find when you’re led in the right way.

It’s incredible because we can heal this energetically, which is what I then do. But then we have to back that up with physical new choices and you touched on us being in our comfort zone, and it being a challenge to move. As I say, shifting that mindset to receiving and being abundant and feeling wealthy and having this really beautiful self worth – that is very uncomfortable.

It’s takes that physical change too. So it might be treating yourself to some really beautiful flowers or buying indulgent chocolates or whatever, to feel worthy. It needs to be supported by physical action as well. It’s great that we can do this energy work, but we have to bring it back to the third dimensional human experience to actually physically see the transformation as well.

Yeah. I like that practical element of it. The financial planner in me, I’m kind of like, so what’s the practical steps?

Oh, absolutely, I’m all about practical as well.

And I love that because a lot of women that I work with, particularly in business and also those people who are employees, is we do have a lot of guilt and shame and judgement attached to money.

That guilt can get so strong, then we don’t feel comfortable spending on ourselves, and one of the practical tips I always talk about is creating yourself a treat pot like creating a physical, separate savings account, or if you use the likes of Starling bank or Monzo, you can create a little pot for yourself.

But that’s really important because then from a mental accounting perspective, we’ve actually parked that money with a label on it of that is my treat pot. Therefore, I’m not going to have any guilt or shame associated with that pot.

Are there any other practical tips that you would give people, Marina, for those ladies that are feeling particularly lacking in self worth and want to increase their own confidence?

I would really try and connect with where is the self worth coming from? What has happened? There will be something that they probably can remember that has allowed them to feel a little bit of shame and this low self worth. It’s really connecting with that and for me, I would recommend journaling Start to think about ‘what does self worth mean to me? What does self worth feel like if I felt absolutely, a hundred percent deserving of everything that I ever wanted in my whole life? How does that feel? Where do you feel that in your body? Because I think making that connection with an emotion is going to be a lot stronger than just thinking about it.

Then if there’s any specific incidents or occasions or events that have happened in your life – and they might be early on, you might not remember them. But it’s worth going there just to see if you can identify what triggered this low self worth. Usually it might be that there was an odd comment from somebody, and it might’ve been a flippant comment, but we’ve stored that. And over time there might’ve been a few more comments or other things that we’ve started to then build up in our head and then it creates this low self worth.

You have to break it down and identify if you can remember where that comes from, and then maybe just really see it for what it is, if you can see it from a third position. So emotionally detaching yourself from that and reviewing it from a more discerning, aspect or perspective.

So I did hear a really good way of doing this. If you’re still getting triggered by a particular event or person or relationship or something that’s gone on and if it connects to self-worth, what you can do is you place that event or that person in a box, in a cardboard box. Then what you do is you take a few steps back and just visualise yourself stepping back – and quite far back, but then you get yourself into a lift. Imagine yourself going say 10, 20 stories high, get out of the lift and look down and just see that box is a tiny little point, a little speck on the floor.

That’s just a way of emotionally detaching and then just reviewing how you feel about that situation or that person or whatever that might be that links to that self worth. Then if you can then ask yourself some questions about that, maybe look at it from a different viewpoint, because that’s what you’ve done. You’ve physically taken yourself away and looked at it from a different perspective.

That might just then allow you to maybe get more insight or guidance around it, or it might be just that you can then let it go. I’m done with this, I’m going to let it go. Usually what I recommend is for my clients is to maybe do a healing meditation, a forgiveness meditation, usually not necessarily for the other person, but maybe just to forgive ourselves for hanging onto this energy for so long, this trigger, and now we’re going to let it go. It’s those types of things that I feel that really do help build all the self confidence and self worth. Affirmations are really good as well. Some people like to use affirmations.

Amazing. What I loved about that exercise you just talked through, almost looking down on something – that’s something that’s done through neurolinguistic programming or NLP.

Also one of the exercises that I relate to wealth creation with that kind of approach is about doing a helicopter view of your finances, because sometimes it can feel too difficult to even to open bank statements without feeling shame or guilt or judgement.

One of the exercises I did in my five day challenge actually last year was around this helicopter view of your wealth. So you can literally just grab a piece of paper and start thinking about what do you already have an abundance of so you can bring some gratitude to wealth creation.

Things like the house that you’re living in, whether that’s rented or owned, the TV that you watch every evening, the stereo systems that you have that enable you to listen to music, the bathtub that you enjoy a nice hot bubble bath in. Just bringing some gratitude to things that you own can really help assist with that moving from scarcity to abundance.

And so I love the way, Marina, you were talking about where you take that helicopter view. It can actually help to detach yourself from the emotions.

Yeah. That’s a really big part of it. Because self worth is so emotive, you know, we give ourselves a real hard time and I think for me, it’s definitely identifying where it’s come from and then from that point you can really start to, as I say, do the detachment and then start to heal it and move forward from it.

Amazing. This has been so interesting Marina. You specifically are working with entrepreneurs in helping them to access those Akashic records, to then help them to transform their wealth creation in their business.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you work with clients? I know you’ve got a programme coming up. Could you tell people a little bit about how they can find out more about that and how they can connect with you?

You can find me on Facebook and generally I work with my clients at the moment one to one. I do everything in the Akashic records. I do things through tarot cards, which is more of a forecast but most of my work is actually working with people’s past lives and their blocks and restrictions.

There’s a session called a Soul Realignment and the beauty of that particular session is that the client gets to learn more about their soul gifts and their divine gifts and their characteristics and talents, and also the blocks that are holding them back.

The reason that’s really key is that it’s good to understand how we’ve been created at soul level, because we all have these divine gifts and if we’re not really exploring those divine gifts, if we’re not really aligning to our divine gifts and how we’ve been created, then it puts us in lack and will attract lack and everything that we don’t really want in our lives.

So it really does open up abundance, and that flow, and the opportunity, and everything that we are really striving for. So having that information is really, really helpful, but then also having those blocks cleared to those intentions that you want to manifest and create it’s super helpful. So that’s the Soul Realignment and I do that in a number of ways. I’ll do a one off session or I do a three month program.

Then the business Akashic record programme is something that’s launching in September, which I’m really excited about. This is going to be more of a group programme. It’ll be my first one and it is specifically for entrepreneurs who basically want to increase client attraction. It’s going to be over a number of weeks. I’m going to support you going into your own Akashic record. You’re going to learn about your divine gift because I think, as I say, that needs to be, that information needs to be shared, but also how that person can show up in their business using their divine gift to the best that they can.

Then I’m also going to take you through self-worth so there’s going to be a huge section on self-worth, which affects your confidence, your self esteem, your visibility. There is going to be a whole thing about marketing and sales from an energetic point of view and I’m also going to be looking at Money blocks because that’s obviously a huge topic.

We have to learn how to manage our energy better so we can show up in the way that we want to and serve our clients in the way that we want to. So I’m going to be doing quite a lot around that as well. There’s lots of information in that particular programme, which I’m really excited about.


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