January 6, 2018

My Story

Name: Catherine Morgan, Financial Coach 

  • Likes: Builders Tea, sunshine and stationery 
  • Dislikes: Peppa Pig, Jeremy Kyle and strong cheeses
  • Money Habits: An emotional spender
  • Qualifications: Diploma in Financial Advice, Certificate in Mortgage and Practice, Certificate in Pension Transfer Advice, Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate with Wise Monkey Financial Coaching. 

My name is Catherine Morgan and I’m an emotional spender!

I joined financial services at the age of 19 and working in a male dominated sales environment, I learnt so much about personal finance. I also learnt what people struggled with when it came to dealing with their money. There was a common thread – lack of education about basic money matters and a heavy influence of personal habits with money growing up, which often got in their way of making good financial choices.

I grew up being bullied and suffering from major body confidence issues. When my son, Thomas, was five weeks old he was diagnosed with sepsis meningitis and I was told that I might lose him. It was an awful time but it wasn’t until Thomas came out of hospital that the enormity of it really hit me. I became incredibly anxious and I started overspending. I’d go clothes shopping and was constantly buying stuff online. I was spending money that I didn’t have on my credit card and going into overdraft every month. I was lucky. I’m a financial expert so I was able to recognise what was happening and change my behaviour around money before I got into serious debt. But not everyone’s that fortunate.

In 2010, shortly before my first son was born, I set up my first business as a personal stylist and then went on to create my second business in jewellery and home accessories in 2013. I wanted to work with women to help them improve their confidence with their body. I leant so much during this time about how to build and grow a business. I sold my second business in 2013.

In 2017, I set up The Money Panel. I felt that was a gap in the market to help fill the ‘advice gap’ that had been created by regulation changes and lack of education for people about managing their finances.

One thing I really want to do is get people talking about money. Money can be a very isolating subject. Someone might have had a bad experience that’s left them fearful about money, so they bury their head and don’t deal with it. Someone might feel ashamed or embarrassed that they’ve got themselves into a difficult financial situation. I want to be there to tell them that it’s OK and I can help them take back control of their finances.

Our money personality is formed in childhood and thinking about your earliest memories of money can really help to unravel your money triggers and your attitude to money.

I truly believe there’s a financial confidence gap in the market. More financial guidance is needed to help people with all sorts of money issues – identifying their money habits and looking after their financial wellbeing when they’re going through emotional turmoil such as divorce or redundancy. It is all about increasing confidence.
Catherine x
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