January 6, 2018

My Story

Name: Catherine Morgan, The Financial Coach 

  • Likes: Builders Tea, sunshine and stationery 
  • Dislikes: Peppa Pig, Jeremy Kyle and strong cheeses
  • Money Habits: An emotional spender
  • Qualifications: Diploma in Financial Advice, Certificate in Mortgage and Practice, Certificate in Pension Transfer Advice, Financial Coach Practitioner Certificate with Wise Monkey Financial Coaching. 
  • My name is Catherine Morgan and I’m an emotional spender.
  • When my son, Thomas, was five weeks old he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and I was told that I might lose him. It was an awful time but it wasn’t until Thomas came out of hospital that the enormity of it really hit me. I became incredibly anxious and I started overspending. I’d go clothes shopping and was constantly buying stuff online. I was spending money that I didn’t have on my credit card and going into overdraft every month. I was lucky. I’m a financial expert so I was able to recognise what was happening and change my behaviour around money before I got into serious debt. But not everyone’s that fortunate. That’s why I set up The Money Panel – so I could use my knowledge and expertise to help people understand more about money and empower them to take control of their finances. Be their personal Money Makeover expert!
  • One thing I really want to do is get people talking. Money can be a very isolating subject so I want to be the person they can talk to about money without feeling like they’re being judged. Someone might have had a bad experience that’s left them fearful about money, so they bury their head and don’t deal with it. Someone might feel ashamed or embarrassed that they’ve got themselves into a difficult financial situation. I want to be there to tell them that it’s OK and I can help them take back control of their finances.
  • Our money personality is formed in childhood and thinking about your earliest memories of money can really help to unravel your money triggers and your attitude to money.
  • I truly believe there’s a financial confidence gap in the market. More financial guidance is needed to help women with all sorts of money issues – identifying their money habits, looking after their financial wellbeing when they’re going through emotional turmoil such as divorce or redundancy, better money management and confidence.
  • I’m on a real mission to demystify all things financial and to help educate people. As well as the services I offer with The Money Panel, I’m also running workshops and have set up a Facebook community where people can share their stories as well as watch webinars and live videos that make learning about money simple and fun.
  • It’s amazing how things change when you understand more about yourself and money. My husband, Gareth, and I used to have little disagreements over money all the time. He’d get anxious when anything went on the credit card, and I’d get annoyed because he was a slave to the spreadsheet, always putting everything onto a chart. Then when we sat down to talk it through we discovered that I’m a spontaneous spender while he’s a planner who needs to see where his money is going. Just having that one conversation helped us to understand why we both reacted so differently around money.
I hope that my work will help empower women to feel confident and in control of their money. Catherine x
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