Hi, I'm Catherine

A multi-award winning qualified financial planner, on a mission to change the financial services industry from one of complicated financial products to one that helps educate in simple language with no financial jargon.

Manage the emotions then manage the money

The Money Panel financial coaching for women
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I am on a mission to change the financial services industry from one of complicated financial products to one that helps educate in simple language with no financial jargon. I am a firm believer that more women need to take back financial control and be financially resilient.

I believe unwaveringly that 'it takes a village'. To achieve my life's mission means equipping as many financial planners as possible with the tools they need to deliver financial coaching to their own clients.

It is only by coming together in this way that we will initiate widespread impact and financial resilience.

I am a self-confessed emotional spender turned savvy saver! I understand exactly what it means to be in that clients' shoes because I have been there (yes, even financial planners need to work on their money mindset!)

Today I help women to identify their Money Narratives and rewrite their story through my consumer membership, free podcast, written articles, the media, and social  media.

But the real impact work lies in the award winning, innovative Financial Coaching Training Programme designed and delivered by me. This programme is where the impact we can have together truly comes to fruition.

I want to fill the Financial Services sector with expertly trained Certified Financial Coaches, delivering excellence and resilience together across the globe!

Catherine x

Manage the emotions then

manage the money


It all began

In 2018 I was working in the professional financial services industry. Like so many of us, I was feeling frustrated and disillusioned.

I felt a huge disconnect from the complicated financial products I was selling people. People I could see needed something other than products.

I often wondered if it was financial education that was missing. Perhaps people just don't understand the jargon and that makes them fearful?


Something happened in my own life which made me think about fear and jargon. My son, at just a few weeks old, was daignosed with bacterial meningitis. We came so very close to losing him, and as I sat listening to medical jargon of doctors around me I felt this overwhelming fear and anger bubbling inside of me.

The trauma of this event led to uncontrollable emotional overspending, something I had struggled with my whole life. And eventually it led to me realising I had to address the situation before it ruined us.

Looking back, I realised it was not just the jargon, and it was not even just the fear. Financial education certainly wasn't a problem for me either. It was the behaviours I had programmed into my brain as a result of fear. Or, in fact, any emotion!

Fast forward to today, through the varied work that we do, The Money Panel has supported thousands of women to address the behavioural connection to their emotions around money. And not only to address them, but to overcome them and thrive financially with confidence and resilience.


If clients don't feel good enough

they fear they won't have enough

The Money Panel financial coaching for women


we are now

Our award winning Financial Coaching Training Programme is where we train Certified Financial Coaches who are ready to have the same impact I feel compelled to deliver and learn our unique Money Narrative Clearing ™ Process.

In fact, the programme is in such high demand that we often fill most of our spots months before each training cohort begins. The programme has received awards such as the Innovation award during the Future of the Profession Awards from NextGen Planners.

We have been able to generate several revenue streams within the business, and teach our students how to do the same. We have successfully navigated regulations and compliance to build a multi-figure pioneering financial business, and we have proven time and again that there is a huge appetite and need for this change work.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want financial professionals just like you to know it is possible! A huge part of what we teach in our unique programme is how to market as a financial coach, grow your own business, and how to navigate compliance issues.

We teach this so that our students are fully equipped - we have a responsibility to grow! Growing our own businesses is integral if we want to create real change and impact for our clients.

you had me at change work!