5 Ways to Measure Your Self Worth Over Your Net Worth

Self worth is about how we feel about ourselves, and the things we deem to be valuable in our life. Today I wanted to share ways to measure your self worth over your net worth.

Net worth is what we own minus what we owe. For example, if you own a property and you have a mortgage, your net worth is the difference between the value of the home and what you owe the bank.

A lot of people think we have to focus solely on the numbers in our bank account – our net worth- in order to be successful. I hear people say often “I just want to be successful.”

What does successful actually mean? To me, it’s about the meaning, purpose, and the intention behind it that is way more important. It’s this that’s going to drive you to want to increase your net worth more, because it’s about how you feel.

We often tie our self worth to our net worth;

“If only I had a bigger house, I would feel better”

“If only I had a new car, I would feel better”

We tie how we feel about ourselves to money. And of course we compare ourselves to others; we see someone who earns £100,000 a year and looks happy, then decide that £100,000 would make us successful and happy.

There’s a lot of human behaviours wrapped around our feelings of self worth, and being status driven with money is a really easy example of that to give. What happens is that when we’re driven by status that’s often to do with how other people perceive or judge us.

Those beliefs have likely come from somewhere; perhaps you come from a background where money was scarce, or from the complete opposite and money was abundant in your childhood. Through those early experiences we feel that we have to have a lot of money on order to be successful.

5 Ways to Measure your Self Worth over your Net Worth

Completely Ignore the Numbers

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about how we feel. Having that feeling of being good enough. Women come up with all these reasons not to sell our products or services when we lack self confidence or self worth.

So ignore the numbers.

Self worth is about how we feel about ourselves, and the things we deem to be valuable in our life. 5 ways to measure your self worth over your net worth.

Focus on Stability

The moment you feel safe and secure around money, your life will completely change. When you’re in an insecure place, that drives fear. Fear then increases us making irrational decisions.

So focus on stability; what could you do or change right now to make you feel more secure. It could be as simple as starting an emergency fund, so that you have a security blanket.

These are things that all of us can do, no matter our financial situation. Work out where our money leaks are and re-route those leaks into a stability or emergency fund.

When you stop being driven by fear, you’ll feel able to make better decisions about buying the new course, investing in your business, or charging your worth for your services.

Focus your Value on Friendships and Network

It’s not just your net worth, it’s your network. Who is in your network already who you could ask for help? Make a list of those people you can reach out to for support when you need them the most.

Measure YOUR Progress

Measure your progress, not anyone else’s. Think about how you can measure your own progress. A weekly check back on your week is a great way to do this. What have you achieved, what has got in your way?

Track your progress to increase your self worth and confidence. When we increase our confidence we feel more secure, and feeling more secure leads to an increase in self worth and therefore net worth.

Value your Time

Your time is money. If you’re giving away your time, then you’re giving away money. If you’re running a business and you’re giving away lots of free calls, coaching, or services, then by giving your time away you are giving away money.

Think about how you can value your time better. Could you time block your diary? Focus on looking after yourself so you’re more productive during your work time.

5 Ways to Measure Your Self Worth Over Your Net Worth

You can’t buy self worth. It’s created by loving ourselves. Spend more time on the relationship that you have with yourself, and you will ultimately make and save more money because you’ll feel more worthy of it.


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