3 Top Budgeting Tips That Everyone Should Know

“Budget” can feel like a scary word and the meaning that we attach to money is what we fear. In today’s episode we are talking about the top 3 budgeting tips that everyone should know. This week we are joined by Edoardo Moreni, CEO of Emma, the money aggregator app giving users insights into their spending habits and helping them to manage their finances.

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3 Top Budgeting Tips That Everyone Should Know

In this episode:

  • Edoardo’s journey into building the Emma app
  • How creating an app helped Edoardo improve his own financial situation
  • Subscriptions and recurring payments are the big money leaks
  • Having greater awareness around your finances gives you more confidence
  • Giving every pound a purpose and planning ahead
  • Getting out of your financial comfort zone in order to make progress towards your goals
  • The future of Emma


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