3 Easy Ways to Manage your Time Better as a Woman in Business

As a woman in business, I know that you want to manage your time better and more effectively in order to make more money. Or perhaps its because you want a better work life balance, so you can spend more of your time with your family.

I know exactly what you are thinking – If only I had more time!

I totally 100% get this. I often run around my house looking for that magic fairy to appear to come and help me tidy up after the kids, or wash the dishes, or post on my social media channels 3 times a day, or record my podcast!

But here’s the thing – We all have the same amount of time in the day. Oprah Winfrey and Brene Brown have the same amount of time as you.

The statement “I don’t have time” is really a smoke screen. A sentence you are telling yourself that you are hiding behind. We say it a lot don’t we! I haven’t go time to write a blog, or see my Granny, or go and sort my ever growing wardrobe out!

What you are really saying is;

“It isn’t important enough to me right now”

And that’s ok – if you have other more important things going on right now, like poor health for example then it is absolutely more important for you to focus on this first.

But perhaps fear is holding you back. And I get it. We all suffer with imposter syndrome – that feeling of not being worthy or good enough.

3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Time Better as a Woman in Business

Maybe you fear what people will think of you?

I tell you what, people will judge you no matter what you do so far better for them to judge you for your successes and what you tried than what you didn’t. Because you will beat yourself up far more if you didn’t give it a go.

The other challenge is that often we find it difficult to prioritise – because everything is important. Our money journey is all about progress. Small steps. So on a practical level, you need to create clear focus, direction and leverage your time. Because time is money.

Now I know you all love a good post it note and sharpie pen, maybe you have a drawer full of notepads or are a stationary addict, but are your to do lists generating you profit or just making you feel burnt out and overwhelmed.

So on a practical level, how do you plan your time and your to-do lists, and manage your time better?

So let me share with you a simple exercise that I do with myself every Sunday. I really look forward to this time every week, it helps me get some real clarity.

I have created a handy checklist for you which you can download print and use, which you can get here – FREE weekly checklist.

Each Sunday, find 30 minutes too yourself, light a candle grab a cuppa, and reflect on your week using 4 areas;

  • Wins – write out everything
  • Challenges- what got in your way?
  • Lessons – what did you learn?
  • Intentions for the week ahead – what are you committed to?

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