How to get paid to shop

Who doesn’t love a good shopping bargain

After the rise of Black Friday, it seems the shops are offering sales every day of the week. So how do you actually earn money whilst shopping?

Here are my top three shopping apps to use to get paid to shop:

Make sure you ALWAYS use an online cashback website when you’re buying online

It is FREE, quick and hassle free. Here are my top two favourites: The only online cashback site for Amazon! – The highest paying cashback site for most retailers.

How does it work?

Kidstart is available on your tablet or PC, which makes it easy to use however you shop. Let’s say that you were going to buy something on Amazon. Just sign up, log into the cashback site first, find the retailer, click onto their link and this will open up the retailer shop you were going to buy from anyway. Voila! This is the cashback I have earned from Kidstart from November and December:

A lovely easy £15.87 cashback earned.

How about Topcashback?

A fabulous £36.26 made with Topcashback. My biggest cashback payouts for this month were for hotel and trains booked for some business events I have in 2018. An easy way to make some extra pennies if you are booking for your 2018 holidays.

That is over £52 paid to me to buy my shopping online!

Open an account here: and shop away!

Where does the cashback go?

With Kidstart, you can link your children savings account to the cashback account and they will pay this to the account. What a great way to build up your kids savings every time you shop. You can send a link to family members and they can also contribute with their shopping. Most retailers pay the cashback to you after a 30 – 90 day period so that they can validate your purchase.

With Topcashback (and Kidstart if you do not have a children’s savings account), you can link it to your own bank account.

Sign up now for a FREE £5 Amazon Giftcard 

Use this link to earn a FREE £5 Amazon Giftcard

Open a Kidstart account now:

ReceiptHog – Turn receipts into cash

Once you have purchased an item either instore or online, download the app ReceiptHog to earn even more.

The principle behind this company is to reward you for your purchases to enable them to gain insights into consumer spending.

To earn with ReceiptHog, you simply shop, make your usual purchases and then upload a photograph of your receipt to ReceiptHog. For each receipt you upload, you earn coins which can then be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash or magazines depending on the number of coins you earn:

  • Less than £10 – 5 coins
  • Between £10 – £50 – 10 coins
  • Between £50 – £100 – 15 coins
  • More than £100 – 20 coins

I take a photograph of my receipts in the shop once I have completed my transaction.

You earn more from stores that primarily sell food, health and beauty items. Companies such as:

  • Sainsburys
  • Tesco
  • Boots
  • Morrisons
  • Poundland
  • Waitrose

You also get entered into a monthly sweepstakes. Receipts must be dated within 2 weeks to be eligible and you can also complete some questionnaires to get extra coins.

You will need 1,500 coins to get a £5 Paypal payment or 1,000 coins for a £3 Amazon voucher so it is not as fast earning as the online cashback but an easy money winner!

My top tips when using cash back sites:

  • Always delete your browsing history if you shop around first to make sure that the cashback tracks.
  • Ever wondered why the holiday you were looking at has gone up in price since you last viewed it? Clearing your cookies (browser history) will avoid the travel companies trying to make you spend more.
  • Compare the cashback sites for their cashback rates before using one over the other. The only one that you do not need to do this for is Amazon as Kidstart are the only one who offer cashback with them.
  • Make sure you log on once a month to ask for a payout of your earnings as they do not all pay it automatically. Topcashback offer you an extra bonus if you exchange your payout for vouchers for retailers rather than paying it as a BACS payment to your bank account.
  • Refer your friends to earn extra money. Throughout the year, Topcashback and Kidstart offer incredible refer a friend schemes.

I have been using Topcashback since June 2013 and have been rewarded with £1,028.71, with a further £146.18 from Kidstart (since August 2015). All of this extra money for just for buying the items I would have purchased anyway. £83 of my Kidstart cashback was for my weekly online food shopping!

From June 2015 to the present day that is a beautiful extra £13.81 per month in passive income for just shopping! 

What would £13.81 each month give me? Ok, so it wouldn’t break the bank but that’s a free cinema treat with a bag of treats every month.

My Top retailer purchases were made with ‘Moonpig’ and ‘Not on the High Street’ which says a lot about my spending habits of gifting to others online, closely followed by Waitrose (for which I also use discount vouchers) ‘Debenhams’ and ‘Asos’ to satisfy my clothing addiction and ‘Trainline’ for my Travel:

I was paid £42 for my Car Insurance renewal with Aviva this year and £60 to take my family to Greece. That paid for our car park at the airport.

So, if there is one thing to do when shopping, it is to shop with cashback! Make a list of the items that you really need or want this year rather than being tempted by ‘deals,’ and remember to pay it off immediately if it goes onto a credit card.

Happy Shopping!


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