Financial coaching training for deeper, more meaningful conversations with clients

if a client doesn't feel good enough, they fear they won't

have enough

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financial coaching training

less about money, more about people

Is Financial Coaching for you?


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Help increase your clients confidence with money

learn how to coach your clients so that they can make better, more consistent financial decisions

Learn how emotions affect our clients relationship with money

our relationship with money is really a reflection of our relationship with ourselves

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"Catherine is a live wire, force to be reckoned with entrepreneur!"

disruptive entrepreneur

Grow your own business sustainably and diversify your offering

our students have successfully integrated financial coaching into their existing businesses and created successful standalone coaching businesses

Have deeper, more meaningful conversations with clients

learn to understand client's feelings and behaviours around money so you can help and educate them better.


the money panel is different

We focus on people's deep relationship with money first, and then the practical steps